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The Dragon Age: Inquisition Digital Deluxe grants you an exclusive bundle of powerful items.



Your New Adventure Begins.

When the sky opens up and rains down chaos, the world needs heroes. Become the savior of Thedas in Dragon Age: Inquisition. You are the Inquisitor, tasked with saving the world from itself. But the road ahead is paved with difficult decisions. Thedas is a land of strife. Factions constantly war with each other even as a larger demonic invasion has begun. And you? You and your band of champions are the only ones who can hold it together. It’s your job to lead them… or fall.

And with the Digital Deluxe, you’re granted access to an exclusive armory of weapons, armor and mounts. Sit atop the skull-carved throne with the Flames of the Inquisition Armor, and ride onto the battlefield with mounts like the Bog Unicorn and the Red Hart Halla.

Enthralling, Choice-driven Narrative – You’re not just deciding who to send into which battle in Inquisition, you’re making important decisions that shape the future of Thedas. Each choice carries weight, and your actions can lead to a variety of outcomes. Inquisition is a highly personalized journey, where one wrong move could set in motion a series of events that alter the physical aspects of the world itself, making your Thedas – and your heroes – feel truly unique.

A Massive World to Discover – The world of Thedas has never been bigger or more detailed; it’s wide open, and ripe for exploration. Discover enemy keeps ripe for the taking. Unearth hidden caves filled with lurking creatures. Thedas is vast and dangerous, but uncovering its secrets can spell the difference between victory and defeat.

Intense, Strategic Combat – There’s no wrong way to play Dragon Age: Inquisition… except for the way that gets you killed. Fortunately, the optional strategic view gives you a god’s-eye vantage on battle. Time stops while you plan in this view, but if that’s not your style, you can just barrel ahead, crossbows blazing.

Genre: RPG
Release Date: 21 November 2014
Rating: PEGI : 18+ Rating Pending
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: BioWare

Dragon Age: Inquisition Deluxe Edition

(New)Dragon Age Inquisition-CRACK V3= HERE

Dragon Age: Inquisition-BLACK BOX + HOTFIX => HERE











OS: Windows 7 or 8.1, 64-bit
Processor (AMD): Quad core @ 2.5 GHz
Processor (Intel): Quad core @ 2.0 GHz
Memory: 4 GB
Graphics Card (AMD): Radeon HD 4870
Graphics Card (NVIDIA): GeForce 8800 GT
Graphics Memory: 512 MB
Hard Drive: 26 GB
DirectX: 10
Internet: 512 kbps up and down


OS: Windows 7 or 8.1, 64-bit
Processor (AMD): Six core @ 3.2 GHz
Processor (Intel): Quad core @ 3.0 GHz
Memory: 8 GB
Graphics Card (AMD): Radeon HD 7870 or R9 270
Graphics Card (NVIDIA): GeForce GTX 660
Graphics Memory: 2 GB
Hard Drive: 26 GB
DirectX: 11
Internet: 1 Mbps up and down

1. Unrar
2. Burn or mount the image
3. Install the game
4. Copy over the cracked content from the /Crack directory on the image to your game install directory
5. Play the game



Posted by Skidrow


  1. sergi (15 Nov 2014, 13:34)

    is true that the crak donst come out becouse EA antipiracity RDM or whatever i read for the net?

    ofc i trust in youre team i know youre the best over the world and nothing is inposible so thx for the game and will see that crack soon ^^

    thx again for the hard work every day, people like you are brillian for this shity world.

    have a good day,

  2. lawrence (16 Nov 2014, 10:55)

    When will you add ftp links ? I am waiting this link

  3. ReKore (20 Nov 2014, 0:13)

    Cant wait for you to crack this game been waiting since the poo that was da2

  4. owesuthrlife (20 Nov 2014, 4:50)

    This is the first and last time i will ever post here.

    As ive grown up,so did gaming. I always believed that no matter what happens in life,ill always have gaming. But thanks to the gaming industry itself, thats being taken from me. I cant move from where i live now,and will never be able to. Yes,in america, rural america, where there is no availabity for any internet connection besides sattellite,which js simply too expensive for gaming,and useless for online gaming. No cell carriers in this area pick up 4g, and barely work with a cellphone repeater at that. Now thanks to the IDOITIC decision to require online activation for single player games and the INSANE requirement of an always on connection for a game thats single player,crosses the line. My only option, is pirated version in most cases. I would do anything to be able to go and buy a pc game in a store, and install it on my computer, like ive done most my life. Now thanks to greedy executives, my one reason for living is being taken from me. Your group is the only one ive been able to truely depend on, and the reason i keep wanting to see what tomorrow holds. Untill the day comes where i can once again buy a physical product to play on my computer without ASKING FOR FUCKING PERMISSION LIKE A CHILD EVERY GODDAMN TIME I LOAD IT UP….I will continue to depend on your group.

    Im counting on you to allow me to continue my very personal journey in the world of thedas,and experience dragonage inquisition. Its the only thing ive had to look foward to this year.

    Thank you all,from the bottom of my heart.

  5. wertex (20 Nov 2014, 14:29)

    fuck my life,what a words…so fucking true and respect for this post owesuthrlife…

  6. mrman (24 Nov 2014, 17:13)

    is the crack coming anytime soon?

  7. Abdo (24 Nov 2014, 20:23)

    any updates regarding the crack?!! I mean comn’ already… it has been like forever now

  8. Denuvo (24 Nov 2014, 21:13)

    This crack won’t be out before the new year. Just go and buy the game kiddos, or else you’ll be waiting a long time :^)

  9. Tony (26 Nov 2014, 3:20)

    Denuvo (24 Nov 2014, 21:13)
    This crack won’t be out before the new year. Just go and buy the game kiddos, or else you’ll be waiting a long time :^)


    How much do they pay you to post this BS ?

    The game will be cracked , just like any other.

  10. someone (26 Nov 2014, 13:01)

    not to point fingers or anything but… is it true that ea paid skidrow not to publish the crack for a period of time?!

  11. me (26 Nov 2014, 13:13)

    you can do it skidrow, crack this sob! a lot of people are counting on you…

  12. david (26 Nov 2014, 13:55)

    Denuvo, we prefer to wait one year for the crack than to buy the original game now body 😉

  13. Line (27 Nov 2014, 4:09)

    Nice said David..
    As long as I play, I’ll wait..
    Sooner or later, skidrow will do the trick..

  14. Peppe (27 Nov 2014, 10:54)

    CD KEY?????

  15. P1x3L (27 Nov 2014, 13:03)

    Torrent was deleted! pls reupload it

  16. flamevolcarona (28 Nov 2014, 5:09)

    pls reupload the torrent

  17. Jonghyun (28 Nov 2014, 7:43)

    I myself work sometime in game industry for animation, and I really don’t mind buying when the game is as good as this one.
    But despite my faithful decision, on the official site, it didn’t want to take my canadian credit card.

    Pissed off, I would wait with you guys until the end 😀

  18. Galaga (28 Nov 2014, 11:51)

    Torrent Deleted !! reupload please

  19. goddamit (28 Nov 2014, 16:11)

    Can you fix the torrent? it has been deleted already and i only need the damn crack :(

  20. Tony (29 Nov 2014, 8:51)

    Still waiting for crack.

  21. DanDefensor (29 Nov 2014, 14:36)

    I don’t understand the instructions. I have downloaded the torrent version and there is no RAR file to unrar, there is no ISO to burn and there is no /crack directory. WTF?

  22. Tony (29 Nov 2014, 19:50)

    There is no crack yet. It’s uploaded ,so people can have it ready when the crack is released. But it takes forever..

  23. aaaaaaa (30 Nov 2014, 13:40)

    Not getting any full seeds here….so soon and already abandoned?

  24. aaaaaaa (30 Nov 2014, 18:46)

    Scratch that. My fault. Damn torrent configuration…

  25. spiritualmojo (01 Dec 2014, 1:38)

    I’m not getting any seeds… the guy above said it was something about the torrent configuration, but I don’t know how to fix it. Could someone help me?

  26. Andiotic (01 Dec 2014, 2:50)

    Is a crack currently being developed?

  27. Tony (01 Dec 2014, 3:48)

    Is it true that there won’t be a crack ’til 2015 ?

  28. Jovica (01 Dec 2014, 9:47)

    You have 3 options. Wait the crack. Buy the game. Quit playing games and do something else in your life. Boring questions, conspiracy theories,etc., wont speed up making of this crack. You have more then plenty of games to play untill these people make and upload a working crack.They are working on it, believe me. This game is holy grale to hacking groups. Whoever publishes a first working crack will be a king of the pirates and will be known throughout the gaming world. Do you really think hacking groups will pass on such flattery title?

  29. Olly (01 Dec 2014, 11:22)

    To anyone that pushes any cracker to crack a game and get angry that a crack has not been made yet, you are just as greedy and selfish as the assholes that make drm game and make it a requirement to be connected all the time on a single player game. Be thankful there are still people out there that put in their time to crack games. All the internet has even shown me is that literally 80% of the worlds population is greedy, stupid, and consuming.

  30. aaaaaaa (01 Dec 2014, 12:57)

    spiritualmojo, just increase your number of connections/connections per torrent and make sure your firewall/router settings are adequate. Then have a bit of patience while it gathers seeds.

  31. Hashura (01 Dec 2014, 16:39)

    Ok, I have download this torrent, no iso … so can’t play with this game

  32. Ilias (01 Dec 2014, 21:30)


  33. Tony (01 Dec 2014, 23:28)

    How do you know that Ilias ?

  34. spiritualmojo (02 Dec 2014, 0:01)

    Thank you so much @aaaaaaa !!!!!!!

  35. Jonghyun (02 Dec 2014, 3:41)


  36. aaaaaaa (02 Dec 2014, 13:03)

    No prob mojo :)

    I’d also love to hear at least a bit about the crack’s progress, and if it’s true what Ilias says (doubt it :P).

  37. aaaaaaa (02 Dec 2014, 13:06)

    OK, scratch that. AGAIN. Check the news D:

  38. Allons-y-Allonzo (02 Dec 2014, 19:38)

    GREAT JOB 3DM & SKIDROW! Can’t wait for the crack! Meanwhile… COME ONE PEOPLE… SEED!!! The file (without crack) has been out for two week and yet more than 5 time the amount of peers than seeds!

  39. me (02 Dec 2014, 20:16)

    china had cracked the DRM, look in google

  40. Tony (03 Dec 2014, 8:12)

    They cracked Denuvo , not the DRM . They are now working on the 64bit encryption. It will take a while. Maybe it will be released in 5 minutes or in 5 days.

  41. aaaaaaa (03 Dec 2014, 8:21)

    I’m seeding!!

  42. Tony (03 Dec 2014, 13:48)

    3DM are not releasing the crack ! Wanna know why ?

    I will tell you – They are currently cracking Lords of the Fallen and stupid FIFA 15.
    They want to release all those cracks together ,because if they release DA:I first , Skidrow will learn how to bypass Denuvo and crack LOTF and FIFA in minutes.

    They do this because they want to have the bragging rights.

    For all warez groups the goal is to be the first. Peace.

  43. David (03 Dec 2014, 14:53)

    Tony, now where did you get such an idea?!

  44. Tony (03 Dec 2014, 16:39)

    3DM site. The chinese are raging all over the comments.

  45. Tony (04 Dec 2014, 10:49)

    Okay , I have more news for you. 3DM collected CPU information from 100 users on their forums and gave them a beta crack. (that happend yesterday). Tonight they might release v.1 crack or tomorrow.

    Fingers crossed.

  46. MeMoTie (04 Dec 2014, 12:08)

    Incorrect tony. the game was actually cracked and its in beta mode right now. they’re working on creating a universal crack so we can play inquisition. lords of the fallen and fifa 15 will come next don’t worry.

  47. aaaaaaa (04 Dec 2014, 13:04)

    In any case that’d mean that the crack would get delayed a bit, not that they wouldn’t release it 😛

  48. thanksagain (04 Dec 2014, 15:16)

    WOW!!! For the longest time I have been downloading games and using cracks. Even when I have bought a lot of them. I am glad that cracking communities exist otherwise I would have bought so many games only to find that they are terrible. Online reviews do not help either.
    What is sad, is that a lot of people here have the ability to purchase these games and yet decide not as they have got what they want. Like most of these guys say, if you like it buy it. Do not destroy the gaming world. Think of a world whereby there are no games to play, be it digital or in reality.
    Support the studios that make these games too people have families to raise, fine the greedy executives do exist but they worked their way there too at least let them enjoy their victories too the same way you would enjoy your own. However I must say that there is a lot lacking in the industry such as coverage. I for one am based in Africa, where exactly I wont mention. Getting games here, especially on pc is a struggle. Console games are there but are limited to what the few import even then most times it is not what some people want. I struggle to pay for games online too. The internet connection is not always good. So i tend to lean towards the games available for free through torrents. I support both sides of the pool, the companies that make the games and the people that make it possible for us to test the games for free too.

    Sorry guys had a lot to say. I am shocked at how many people are pushing for the crack to be out now when they have the means to purchase the game. Do not Kill the same industry you love. THANK YOU VERY MUCH SKIDROW FOR PROVIDING A PLATFORM FOR US WHO ARE WILLING TO BUY THE GAMES BUT DO NOT WANT TO BE CHEATED. No one wants to pay for CRAP.

    As you guys work on the crack, all I have to say is good luck. Hopefully you figure it out soon. AND THANKS AGAIN. To the rest of you GO AND BUY THE GAME IF YOU LIKE IT!!!!!

  49. aaaaaaa (04 Dec 2014, 16:06)

    Thx Tony. A link to the released patch would be also appreciated when it’s released 😀 (if it isn’t posted in an update of this page).

  50. Fenrir (04 Dec 2014, 18:41)

    Well as things stand now I am expecting to enjoy some DA3 this weekend…hopefully :)

    Go Skidrow Team

  51. Narigs (04 Dec 2014, 18:44)

    Waiting for FTP Link…. PLZ UP FAST =D

  52. Fobjus (04 Dec 2014, 19:00)

    So, when I download torren i can play or what? This content crack?

  53. Poopspackle (04 Dec 2014, 19:35)

    Thanks a lot for all your hard work guys, there are a lot of us who just want to try the game out before we buy it! We appreciate the work you guys put into doing this, take your time and make it a good crack, rather than rush and give in to everyone. We believe in you!

  54. Yaago (04 Dec 2014, 21:26)

    Just read an article saying that the rumor is false. That’s what Denuvo said apparently but let’s hope they’re just trying to hide their incompetence 😀

  55. Fenrir (05 Dec 2014, 5:43)

    Ofc its false,they are trying to save some face now(whats left of it),by acting all mighty and powerful,but we all know the good old saying…the bigger they are the bigger the satisfaction when you crack their games 😀

  56. Tony (05 Dec 2014, 6:02)

    I have a feeling that the crack might be released tonight.
    Let’s hope I’m right.

  57. David (05 Dec 2014, 7:01)

    the 3dm site won’t open on my browser so i can’t see the news. do me a favor Tony and keep us posted =D give us the news you see on the website, thanks.

  58. fiodor (05 Dec 2014, 11:24)

    Any news about a crack?

  59. aaaaaaa (05 Dec 2014, 12:22)

    Sooooo….that “amazing DA:I weekend”….I should better start making some other plans already, right? :(

  60. Tony (05 Dec 2014, 14:01)

    They finished the second closed beta test for windows 8 and 8.1 (like anyone gives half a fuck about it)
    Users posted that everything works fine… I am still not sure what else they want to test ….?

  61. aaaaaaa (05 Dec 2014, 14:25)

    Well, I’m going for a nap right now. If when I wake up (2-3 hours) they’ve already released the patch, I’ll grab an hallucinogen frog and make a YouTube video of me licking it. Promise 😀

  62. Mike (05 Dec 2014, 17:43)

    So is it gonna be cracked later on today or this weekend

  63. Aria (05 Dec 2014, 18:27)

    SOON mates, soon…*waits patiently and bows to Skidrow*

  64. Biilou (05 Dec 2014, 19:48)

    Go Skid’ , you’re the one no drm can stop you ; i don’t mind waiting as long as there’s no false hope :)

  65. Fenrir (05 Dec 2014, 21:03)

    Guys wish me luck tomorrow I have my CAE exam…and by luck I mean wish me that when I come back from it I can download the crack(with the rest of you) and enjoy some DA3.

    PS: I am there from 9 am to 2 pm
    PPS:Plenty of time for crack to be released if its comming out tomorrow,fingers crossed ^_^

  66. Dr. House (05 Dec 2014, 21:15)

    Take your time, Skidrow, we have faith in you!

  67. Mike (05 Dec 2014, 21:47)

    How come the torrent is super duper slow like in 15 mins it has no percent

  68. Biilou (05 Dec 2014, 22:05)

    good question , currently i’m downloading at 3.7mb/s and i’m seeding at 10.9mb/s :)

  69. Dilly (05 Dec 2014, 22:38)

    F5 every fucking 15 min

  70. Spider (05 Dec 2014, 22:57)

    @Dilly Join their fb page if crack release they will share it in page


  71. Mike (05 Dec 2014, 23:21)

    im thinking the crack will come tonight or tommorw

  72. Doctor (05 Dec 2014, 23:24)

    Why is the download speed so slow ? bah nevermind I’ll just leave it downloading overnight.

  73. lesuato (05 Dec 2014, 23:30)

    what are you talking about avg speed was 1mbs, already seeded as much i downloaded so case closed.

  74. lesuato (05 Dec 2014, 23:33)

    what a speekfreak u are seeding 11mb/s but,
    still i think he meant kt/s

  75. animals (05 Dec 2014, 23:44)

    DL’d the torrent; cas_01.cas failed to unpack properly with 7zip. In the output folder it has zero size. Anybody else run into this?

  76. Biilou (05 Dec 2014, 23:51)


    yep ! my bad ,
    in the meantime i seeded twice the size of the game thanks to google fiber :p

  77. Fenrir (06 Dec 2014, 0:17)

    Hmm guys ,Im wondering did anyone find the world state file within Data folder,maybe we can edit it manually maybe if Dragon Age Keep fails

  78. Mike (06 Dec 2014, 0:23)

    DUDE the torrent for me will take 2 years ……

  79. aaaaaaa (06 Dec 2014, 0:40)

    Well, I’ve already seeded nearly 50 gbs, so….:P

  80. animals (06 Dec 2014, 1:14)

    Will ask one more time; nobody else had an issue with cas_01.cas in the data folder upon unpacking? Is this expected or not? If it’s not, any ideas for fixing this?

    I did notice that in the Update/Patch/Data folder there’s a cas_01.cas file, but it is very small in size.

  81. Mike (06 Dec 2014, 3:08)

    So is this gonna come tonight night or tommorw

  82. Tony (06 Dec 2014, 5:15)

    Crack will release at sunday in worst case scenario.

    That’s what I found in 3dm site.

    Still things might change if they find more bugs.

    Currently AMD cpu is having problems and graphic bugs. Thats what they are fixing right now.

  83. David (06 Dec 2014, 6:29)

    i don’t get it! if the crack is ready than why isn’t 3DM releasing it?!

  84. David (06 Dec 2014, 7:58)

    oh, that’s why! thanks for the news Tony.

  85. aaaaaaa (06 Dec 2014, 9:47)

    Animals, 0 problems unpacking here. Using 7-Zip.

    David: They’ve to betatest it first. No sense releasing a bugged patch.

    Tony, thx for the update. As an AMD CPU user, I hope it gets correctly fixed 😀

  86. Tony (06 Dec 2014, 10:27)

    Our first batch of testers so far there are 20 people in the same issue could not be resolved, we can not release a patch, please bear magnanimous, bear with me! Efforts are being made to crack Jun fix this problem, please a lot of understanding! As long as this issue is resolved, we can not say one hundred percent of you people can use at least 95% can be normal play! ! ! Finally, please give us some time to resolve to break the king, not to reminders! You also do not want to get in the game now released patches, again, day after day, etc. forum now! After all, have not finished the whole, there are people among you while waiting for a patch while waiting finished it!

    source 3DM forum – written by moderator

  87. jk (06 Dec 2014, 12:06)

    ^ 3dm mods say crack exists, but for some reason works for 70% of closed beta due to bug, they want to release it once it works for 95% or so (This is what I understand with google translate anyway)

  88. Stuffs NNN (06 Dec 2014, 13:12)


  89. lesuato (06 Dec 2014, 13:43)


    i think its just you file may be corrupted
    just delete faulty file and download it again simple as that

  90. Mike (06 Dec 2014, 14:08)

    ahh but i want it today xd

  91. Mike (06 Dec 2014, 14:09)

    hey look i found a torrent in the pirate bay dont kno if its fake or dosent have crack?

  92. Mandra (06 Dec 2014, 14:55)

    3DM as cracked the Denuvo DRM not the game. Apparently they encounter some difficulty to make the game crack with some processor (ingame difficulties).

  93. Daniel (06 Dec 2014, 16:48)


  94. Erik (06 Dec 2014, 17:05)

    well, the ETA for the torrent is somewhere around 1 weak so i guess a crack will be available until then.

    as to answer your question David ^^^ the reason seems to be that out of let’s say 100 people just 60 or 70 can play the game, there are also some other issues which needs to be taken care of.
    if it were to be released with the not so good crack you can imagine the number of posts in the number of thousand by the minute and in that case the team “responsible” for making the crack wouldn’t be able to tell why isn’t working the game due to the fact that people who can’t play they game get kind of anxious and fast and their reviews would be worthless, hope i could help.

  95. Gareth (06 Dec 2014, 19:18)

    Fingers crossed, Hope it come out tomorrow! Cant wait to play and romance Iron bull as dwarf male lol

  96. Daniel (06 Dec 2014, 20:39)

    well can you not persuade the team to release it it’s not like its a paid product and we wont blame you if it dosn’t work no lose for us and more people testing it means more people will be able to report on issues makes sense

  97. lolVGAlol (06 Dec 2014, 20:54)

    Game of the year my ass!!! xD

  98. animals (06 Dec 2014, 21:16)

    Thanks for feedback; redownloaded those parts of the file; made no difference. However I then used WinRAR instead of 7zip, and it seemed to work fine. So now I play the waiting game with the rest of you!

  99. Viktor (06 Dec 2014, 21:29)

    Gareth considering the crappy female posibilities i think i will be going gay for this game too.

  100. Kexmannen (07 Dec 2014, 1:13)

    Hey, I own the normal edition of DAI on Origin but would love to have the Deluxe Edition stuff, any way for me to get that without spending way too much money? Would it be enough if I put the files in my game folder and crack it or is it impossible for me? Appreciate answers!

  101. Lurker (07 Dec 2014, 1:22)

    17 days after release and it’s considered game of the year….. RIGGED. Don’t get me wrong.. LOVE dragon age but only 17 days?? how about giving it time to really soak/sink in. Also what if there are DLCs…

  102. Charlie (07 Dec 2014, 1:31)

    I know the crack hasn’t been released yet, so maybe this question is pointless, but how do you install this game? In my case, the first thing happening is an Origins update, and right after that, it asks for a CD key that I haven’t got, so the installation doesn’t even start. Am I missing something, and the crack is somewhere in the pack? I’m sorry if that’s something obvious, but I really haven’t got an idea how to install it!

  103. Tony (07 Dec 2014, 4:13)

    Yesterday 3DM mentioned in their forums that the crack is halfway there.

  104. David (07 Dec 2014, 8:42)

    what the hell?! just read an article that said 3dm is being paid by denuvo not to release a crack. could that be true? god knows what’s going on!

  105. Nanyo (07 Dec 2014, 11:18)

    Because of Skidrow I don’t give money to crappy Triple A companies with DRM that requires a constant internet connection.

    So I give my money to indie companies and buy games on GoG when I can instead.

    Thanks Skidrow.

  106. Gareth (07 Dec 2014, 14:33)

    Damn I really hoped to play tonight :(

  107. Sammash (07 Dec 2014, 14:39)

    AAAAAAAARG!! I need that damned crack! I cannot live without playing this damned game!!! MuhahahahaHaHaHaHaHAHAHAHAHA (Great job Skidrow, with this game and all games you posted before, continue this way)

  108. Fenrir (07 Dec 2014, 15:27)

    Damn seems there wont be any DA3 for the weekend :( well I will just have to w8 some more

  109. Doctor (07 Dec 2014, 17:49)

    Any news ?

  110. Biilou (07 Dec 2014, 18:38)

    I have no idea , #Tony is the gentleman who kept us posted about the 3DM forums but at this point nothing change, They still running test i guess

  111. Fenrir (07 Dec 2014, 18:41)

    None so far m8,besides that they need to test crack with more AMD setups 😛

  112. kka (07 Dec 2014, 18:49)

    I guess we’ll have to wait til the big sell period of xmas

  113. Erik (07 Dec 2014, 18:59)

    crack will be that is for sure but the thing is, it will come after new year, or at least this is what it looks like according to my research on the matter, really hope i’m wrong but i don’t think.

  114. animals (07 Dec 2014, 22:24)

    Serious gamers aren’t using AMD CPUs. C’mon 3DM… release this… If it doesn’t work for everybody it doesn’t work for everybody; no reason to keep it under wraps while working on fixing the remaining issues…

  115. Dragon Age (07 Dec 2014, 22:50)

    crack please 3dm I am using intel …please share crack we’ll waiting until

  116. Doctor (07 Dec 2014, 22:51)

    I rather having them working on this crack forever so everyone can enjoy rather than not having the crack at all or feeling stupid because it wasn’t optimized for my rig. Let 3DM do their thing, it’s for the best.

  117. Fenrir (07 Dec 2014, 23:06)

    @Erik actually I think we just have to w8 until Tuesday,since they went trough a 100 testers already in just a day 😛

  118. Fenrir (07 Dec 2014, 23:14)

    @animals lots of ppl use AMD CPUs including myself and I consider myself more than a serious gamer 😛 I even completed WoW(and did every possible quest I could),I passed all AC games with 100% sync and all Elder Scrolls game since Morrowind,Witcher games included,Mass Effect,Darksiders 1&2,Dark Souls 1&2,NWN 1&2,Icewind Dale,Baldurs Gate,DA 1,2 and 3(hopefully soon now),Warcraft,Hunted,Castlevania,DMC,M&M,SpellForce 1&2,Divinity games,Drakensang and so many more I cant even remember their names 😛 So saying serious gamers dont use AMD is pretty short sighted m8,so pls be patient like the rest of us and also slightly more considerate,while we w8 for our hero Skidrow to crack the game. :)

  119. Homer (08 Dec 2014, 0:57)

    Let them work guys. Remember, just last week people were saying that this wouldnt be cracked, and now here we are just one step away.

  120. Kenchucky (08 Dec 2014, 7:18)

    @fenrir I like your answer, I have an AMD system (not grafix card). but you got it right on the nose. iv been refreshing this site almost every hour for the past 8 days waiting for this crack. pls pls pls guys this weekend I want to have my no life DA3.

  121. David (08 Dec 2014, 9:26)

    seriously what the f*ck is going on? why do i keep seeing this on the sites:”3dm was paid by denuvo!” i hope that’s not true because if it is we’re right back where we started.

  122. Erik (08 Dec 2014, 11:11)

    amd cpu has nothing to do with being a serious gamer or not but the fact still remains that a AMD FX-9590 X8 it’s still weaker than a i7-4770K and i don’t even want to mention the i7-5960X , well there is a pretty wide gap at the price that’s for sure but at least you have the chance to buy a better one and the thing is that the amd doesn’t have a better cpu than the while the FX-9590 while the i7-4770K it’s just a little bit more expensive and it’s still better and the i7-5960X with 8 is probably awesome, so yeah the amd cpu are kind of …………………. anyway the video cars are still on the same kind of level and are cheaper than the one with intel processor though i have to add that out of 5 nvidia and 3 amd i have owend in my recent life :) the only problems i had was with the amd cards, for ex. the software at the asus hd 7790 oc 2 caused my computer to freeze when i was just browsing the internet or just used some program like corel on the other hand when i was playing some kind of game there was no problem whatsoever or when i watched a movie just when the card was idle, there were times when it froze 5 or 6 times a day so i just got rid of it since then no problem at all.

  123. saint (08 Dec 2014, 12:34)

    from the 3dm site.

    kevinyang225 wrote:

    Finally we solve all the problem, and now just need to add more cpu compatibility and release our crack

  124. helianshi (08 Dec 2014, 12:45)

    Please be patient guys :) gg skidrow !

  125. Kenchucky (08 Dec 2014, 13:05)

    guys this is getting worse and worse now… im starting to think that I need to be more social… if only I had something to take my mind off of this tedious and stressful social aspect of life…

  126. Fenrir (08 Dec 2014, 13:33)

    @Kenchucky Play AC Unity :) so far I have no bugs with it or crashes except a random 5-10 sec freeze every hour or hour and a half.Im running the 1.3 version :)

  127. JmA (08 Dec 2014, 17:09)

    Can anyone answer 2 question? Will it be possible to transfer saves from DA II? And what about Dragon Age Keep?

  128. David (08 Dec 2014, 17:45)

    JmA, sorry buddy but the keep doesn’t work with a pirated version… i think! and no, DAI doesn’t support direct save import.

  129. JmA (08 Dec 2014, 18:18)

    Well… if “conditions” from DAKeep just downloads to DAI , maybe there is some way to make a programm or some sort to forge them?
    Anyway, its just my minds.
    Thanx, David!

  130. Xoxo (08 Dec 2014, 18:34)

    I wonder if there will be mods ( and can they exist) which alter the story line as we like?

  131. Doctor (08 Dec 2014, 18:54)

    There might be a way to “import” a world state, the Keep creates one and if someone were to take the keep’s world state and make it available for download we could simplily choose a world state and place it on our folder. But I guess that would be too much work.

  132. aaaaaaa (08 Dec 2014, 20:03)

    Every time I read the comments, I feel more urged into actually just buying the f***** game… 😛

    If it was from the Mass Effect series, I’d already have done so, but DA? I’ll wait for the patch a little longer….

  133. Fenrir (08 Dec 2014, 20:30)

    Actually there is already default world state on our pc.So you can just open it with a program and manually edit it 😛 we just need to find it

  134. Fenrir (08 Dec 2014, 20:47)

    So far I think it could possibly be globals.sb and/or globals.toc in Data/Win32

  135. Erik (09 Dec 2014, 8:39)

    even though i would really want to play this game, like right now, deep down i wish that 3DM won’t release a crack before new year and that’s because this way EA and BioWare will finally see that hackers doesn’t affect their industry or at least not in such a way that would make them go bankrupt, they are ALWAYS crying that the little bad pirates makes their life miserable, this way at least they won’t have any more excuses for a c.r.a.p. game.

  136. Dragon Age (09 Dec 2014, 9:17)

    any news from 3dm ?? why no crack still ?

  137. Zink (09 Dec 2014, 11:13)

    Guys, is the crack out yet

  138. warden (09 Dec 2014, 13:17)

    any good news?im finally downloading at good speed,they said they solved all the problems

  139. Fenrir (09 Dec 2014, 16:35)

    Ye they said the same 😛 3dm just released their 2nd chinese patch so crack could be around the corner I hope

  140. Calypso (09 Dec 2014, 17:33)

    Where do you get all these informations from? 😀
    I am curious cause I would like to know if there is something knew about this topic :)

  141. Calypso (09 Dec 2014, 17:33)

    new* Oh god xD

  142. arcano (09 Dec 2014, 17:52)

    i need the crack… pleaaaassseeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  143. warden (09 Dec 2014, 17:53)

    i wish someone just gave us an ETA,but i know we are pretty close,today,tommorow maybe and i dont really care about the keep,new story new character thats all that matters,cmon now we are waiting 😀 😀

  144. lel (09 Dec 2014, 18:19)

    where do i download the game when there is no ftp link and torrent doesnt work :c

  145. Gareth (09 Dec 2014, 18:37)

    They said this weekend probably, info from the site

  146. dragon age (09 Dec 2014, 19:39)

    gareth.. is crack off this week ?

  147. Denuvo (09 Dec 2014, 19:52)

    It’s getting closer and closer to the new year and there’s still no DA:I crack. Eat shit Tony, enjoy your waiting. It’s not too late to purchase the game :^)

  148. David (09 Dec 2014, 21:34)

    it’s alright denuvo… just let it out! i know your probably dying because the crack is coming out :)

  149. Erik (09 Dec 2014, 22:03)

    David, i think they did pretty good and i don’t really think that 3DM told the truth about just starting to hack the Denuvo anti tamper soft some 15 days ago, i don’t really think they will finish it this year, though i hope i’m seriously wrong about this one, but even if a working crack is to be released in the next moment that still leaves the Fifa 15 uncracked for more than 2 month, Lords of the Fallen 1.5 month and now my favorite DA:I is fast approaching the 1 month mark, so yeah they have nothing to be ashamed of.

  150. Dragon Age (09 Dec 2014, 22:17)

    david! what write from 3dm forum when out crack any news ?? :)

  151. Fenrir (09 Dec 2014, 22:31)

    @Erik the point is @Devuno is trying to look good by preventing us from cracking the game to increase sales,but there was no “increase” in sales,its about what it usually is,even with pirates cracking the game like the next day.So now Denuvo here is trying to get us to buy the game(like we are ever going to do that without testing it,inmy case at least),because without 40% increase in sales Denuvo promised on their site,they are doing something that is called false advertising ^^ and that is illegal and it has huge fines,

    TL DR : They are trying to save their asses and money by bluffing :)

  152. MIKE (10 Dec 2014, 1:58)

    i brought 20 copies of dragon age i because people keep bitching im gonna of give people copies but people have to find out something in this comment to add me in steam bitch.es dont go full retart

  153. David (10 Dec 2014, 5:29)

    Dragon Age, looks like 3dm said the crack is coming this weekend but still things might change.

  154. Erik (10 Dec 2014, 7:23)

    Fenrir, i know what you mean, i bought Watch Dogs on day one and oh man the letdown.

  155. David (10 Dec 2014, 8:34)

    Erik, actually they do! remember how they said “our DRM will last until 2018”.the thing that they(publishers and ea) don’t and never will understand is that every DRM they use will be cracked. it’s just a matter of time. to be honest i don’t like to buy pirated games because it’s just like stealing. but i have no choice. not just me, millions of people around the world don’t have enough money to buy it or the game doesn’t officially release in their countries. i hope some day game developers understand this. understand that we have no other option. and at the end, i just wanna say i will never forget what ea and bioware did. because i waited a long time for this game, not just me… all of us.

  156. Doctor (10 Dec 2014, 10:41)

    This kind of thing that Denuvo and specially EA does will never work, most people pirate games because they don’t have enought money to buy them , so by making it impossible to crack them they still won’t buy their games , it’s not like most pirate have a giant treasure (talk about a pun :D).

  157. warden (10 Dec 2014, 12:01)

    so the crack the crack will come this weekend?not before or after?

  158. Fenrir (10 Dec 2014, 12:49)

    @Warden we dont know 😛 for all we know the crack is in its final stage 😛 It all depends on how long it takes a new batch of testers to complete the game.They have been I think already 3 or 4 days at it.So it should be soon I hope

  159. Pooya (10 Dec 2014, 13:31)

    i was one of the closed beta group working on Dragon Age Keep website,and now because of this DRM i cant import a save from a site i worked to improve.i live in Iran and we can’t buy games here,we only play the pirated versions. its not a CHOICE for us .i have waited for this game for 3 years,and was a small part of it,and now i cant even play the game. EA’s policy sucks,i think they actually made it worse for the game to sell,because of all the negative press this DRM has given.

  160. David (10 Dec 2014, 13:33)

    warden, we don’t know for sure…maybe today maybe tomorrow maybe next week.

  161. Dragon Age (10 Dec 2014, 14:43)

    david! what write from 3dm forum when out crack any news?

  162. Tony (10 Dec 2014, 17:38)

    Update from 3DM .
    Some of you might prefer the crack to be released and have the crack team release a new patch regularly, but from past experience, there are tons of ungrateful idiots who will post anything about the crack even if it’s a minor bug. We can no longer tolerate with them.
    All in all, we can only wish the crack team go through all 30000 datas and then release the crack.
    This is the general idea.

    So it will take a little more time sadly :/

  163. David (10 Dec 2014, 19:03)


  164. dragon age (10 Dec 2014, 20:53)

    I think after the new year will be the crack. :( :( :( ohhh nooo

  165. Erik (10 Dec 2014, 21:16)

    excuses upon excuses and delays upon delays, i don’t really believe any more of this shit, i guess sooner or later will be a crack, but it doesn’t really matter for me, i didn’t even considered buying the game before all the DLCs and at the time i thought this Denuvo thing will be a really big obstacle (still did pretty good in my opinion and the crack is yet to be seen) so i thought it won’t be cracked in quite some time so i’m patient and hope that there will be a crack soon, though i think no crack this year (totally my opinion).

  166. Kenchucky (10 Dec 2014, 22:01)

    Im starting to feel a new years day crack release… i soooooo hope that it will come this weekend… but doesnt look like it will.

  167. warden (10 Dec 2014, 22:09)

    i cant understand,why they are not honest with us?first they tell us one thing then they tell us another
    anyway im not that upset and im not gonna rage like others do,i just hope that they inform us properly so that we may know thats all :)

  168. Helianshi (10 Dec 2014, 23:26)

    This is what i found a today’s post :

    updates are as follows for new and old-comers – plz read:

    first batch of beta testers revealed some probs with AMD cpus…intel cpu work fine. also there were some graphical issues.

    the crack works with windows 7 , 8 , 8.1

    recently according to 3DM they were contacted by denuvo and both parties 3dm and denuvo understood each others stand on the issue NO ALLIANCE OR TREATY HAS BEEN FORMED B/W THEM

    just recently some people tried uploading the beta crack but it got taken down really fast(?) so keep an eye out for it.

    apparently a lot of people are posting all over the net that Kevinyang225 (guy working with the cravk devs) has said that “Finally we solve all the problem, and now just need to add more cpu compatibility and release our crack.”. i have not been able to find a single link anywhere for this statement…..nor have a seen kevinyang come out saying its false….really hope its the real deal anyone find the source of this please post here

  169. Wotwot (10 Dec 2014, 23:54)

    I really dont know where that beta crack can be hiding, nobody seen it except china men working on the crack.. weird

  170. Helianshi (11 Dec 2014, 0:15)

    Well i saw a crack at razor-games, but i found it suspicious a little bit, people said it works, i did’nt test it, i prefer waiting for the 3dm version

  171. Macstarvo (11 Dec 2014, 2:52)

    I was on the announcements forum section of http://BBS.3dmgame.com and saw a post by an Admin, “Nebula Scattered”, that has some news that looks to be fairly relevant to the current status of the DA3 crack.

    The site is in chinese so I just used google translate (not sure of a better way so sorry that it’s in a broken translation.)


  172. caturday (11 Dec 2014, 4:33)

    The razor one is bullshit , dont waste ur time with that crap. Just wait till 3dm releases something and skidrow applies the magic touch

  173. David (11 Dec 2014, 7:45)

    just wanna say that THERE IS NO WAY IN FUCKING HELL I’M BUYING THIS GAME!i’l wait for the crack and in the meantime i’l try to crack it myself. FUCK EA GAMES, FUCK BIOWARE, FUCK DENUVO AND FUCK 3DM.

  174. Fenrir (11 Dec 2014, 11:03)

    Tested out the Razor crack one its just some survey scam 😛 Dont bother with it

  175. Kenchucky (11 Dec 2014, 11:12)

    OK 3DM listen to me now…. I may have a 4 day weekend this week…. if I don’t get to be addicted to DA3… then ill have to…. I don’t know what ill do…. that the problem…. (SAD FACE).

  176. lesuato (11 Dec 2014, 11:31)

    yup razors so called release is actually a fake, they are trying to get free money from surveys,,
    yeah about those comments actually they are all fake, ppl really cannot comment anything on that board all of those are fake.

    all we can do is wait for a proper 3dm release

  177. TW (11 Dec 2014, 12:35)

    caturday is right. The Razor one is just trying to grab money from you by forcing you to do a “paid” download for the serial. (“paid” as in “Complete a survey with hidden costs”) Dunno if it even works then as I refused to pay 6,99€ a week for those “surveys”.

  178. Homer (11 Dec 2014, 14:12)

    A LOT of people are waiting for this. Its no surprise that scams like these are around

  179. warden (11 Dec 2014, 14:20)

    i for one eventually will buy the game,sooner or later because im a fan so bioware and EA has nothing to be afraid from me,but i would like to play it first and by play it i dont mean test to see if i like it,i mean play it and finish it and then at some point i will buy it for my collection and play it again and again,all we want is some truths and when we are going to get a crack thats all,worst case scenario it will save us from refreshing every 5 minutes and get our hopes up everyday for nothing,im very greatfull for skidrow,3dm,reloaded etc. but some serious answers please…. 😀

  180. Warden inquisitor (11 Dec 2014, 15:16)

    So, any news on crack?

  181. Qunari (11 Dec 2014, 15:46)

    @ warden

    My boyfriend and me are waiting for the crack like hungry dogs.
    Go Skidrow!

  182. NumberZero (11 Dec 2014, 16:10)

    After waiting about a week for the crack 3dm promised , I’m just thinking of the idea that came to me recently : Did they really cracked the game or just playing fu*king games and fooling the ppl waiting for the game.

  183. Gambler (11 Dec 2014, 16:36)

    I caved, I couldn’t wait for this crack any longer. I’ve purchased the game :'(

    If this crack is released tonight or tomorrow I won’t be a happy bunny :)

    Only reason I wanted to test the game out is after my personal disapointment of Dragon Age 2. Wanted a play test of sorts.

  184. Khumash (11 Dec 2014, 16:43)

    He leido en un foro,que Reloaded sacara el crack este domingo XDDD

  185. Dragon age (11 Dec 2014, 18:47)

    why dont out crack still ? … why skidrow and reloaded not strive for crack ? why they (reloaded skidrow and more ) waiting to crack ? why why why ?

  186. quxie dixie (11 Dec 2014, 19:27)

    It’s just so amusing to read comments of such impatience. Some peaple are expecting this crack like if 3dm or skidrow obliged to release it, LOL

  187. ColdWavE (11 Dec 2014, 20:09)

    PLZZ crack!! I need to test it on my machine to see if I can buy it or not, I don’t want to waste my money :(((

  188. Fenrir (11 Dec 2014, 22:39)

    3dm just released a trainer and v3 of chinesse patch for DA3 😛 so I hope the crack is next

  189. Koney (12 Dec 2014, 0:09)

    THis is bullshit, there wont be any crack. There is no information bout it so it is just a big lie.

  190. Helianshi (12 Dec 2014, 0:41)

    Lets be patient and enjoyed the game when the crack appear to come, they’r doing great work always and for many other games, so really lets be patient, i know its hard for gamers like us but we will play it dont worry guys :)

  191. warden (12 Dec 2014, 0:46)

    fenrir for real?or just rumors again?

  192. David (12 Dec 2014, 6:41)

    yes we have to be patient , but how much more???!!! i mean we’ve been waiting for this goddamn game for a long time and we’re not even sure if 3dm is not playing with us. so it’s a little hard to be patient right now. patience is good when you know and your certain that the crack will come. and right now we don’t know anything.

  193. Fenrir (12 Dec 2014, 9:53)

    @Warden I look at updates on their site 😛 I cant post the link here but just google 3dm games,then look at the date of the posts,you might have to scroll down a bit and use google translator..unless you can speak chinese 😀

  194. Joe (12 Dec 2014, 10:22)

    Looking forward to crack release. Cheers! Keep up the good work!

  195. warden (12 Dec 2014, 11:59)

    fenrir i believe you but im not sure if i believe the posts anymore after all this time 😛 i wil check it out though

  196. Rapak (12 Dec 2014, 12:10)

    Join skidrow page if u want notify with any news: http://www.facebook.com/SkidrowGame

  197. warden (12 Dec 2014, 12:58)

    they are saying this weekend that means tommorow,so the hopes are up lets see…

  198. Kami (12 Dec 2014, 15:27)

    Google Translated 3DM’s news on the thing, looks like we WILL be getting the crack shortly- there’s plenty of info there for someone who has the braincells to understand badly translated mess, and the outcome is clear.

    We’re getting the crack. Just be a little patient.

  199. David (12 Dec 2014, 15:50)

    when are we getting the crack is the question!

  200. Fenrir (12 Dec 2014, 16:24)

    @Kami thats what I have been saying xD btw u can download trainer from their site if u want :)

  201. warden (12 Dec 2014, 16:52)

    @Fenrir how exactly can we found this trainer on their site and does it do?

  202. Helianshi (12 Dec 2014, 17:19)

    Latest news from @kevinyang225 (3DM member):

    I think our crack will be working with the update even they use a new version of Denuvo to protect the updated .exe.
    I will check it when the official patch out.
    But i think our crack will be working only with the update files i upload.

    More than 30,000 people send us the cpu data,and we are still adding more cpu compatibility to our crack.
    It will take several days.So i think we will release our fisrt crack for DA:I this weekend.

  203. Tony (12 Dec 2014, 17:42)

    Calm your tits people , crack is coming this sunday ! (most likely)

    Source : 3DM forum.

  204. Fenrir (12 Dec 2014, 18:09)

    @Warden google 3dm games dragon age inquisition,page will be in chinese,then scroll down after u open it,until you reach a part below screen shots on the right just below the screen shot you should see a small text in chinese that has numbers v1.1 within it and it ends with Lingon and it has right of that text 12-10(date on which the post was made). click on that text after u open it you can scroll down and see what trainer does(text is in english,on the screenshot) and u can download it by clicking the green button just bellow size of the file which is 1.81 mb after you click it a small window will open.Next click to the most left option.after that just w8 for the page to ask you to save the trainer. Hope you enjoy :)

  205. David (12 Dec 2014, 18:16)

    most likely?! god knows how much more are we gonna wait!

  206. Iptana (12 Dec 2014, 19:06)

    Or Warden, search on google ( gamecopyworld ) and ypu will find there the trainer :)

  207. warden (12 Dec 2014, 21:02)

    i found a file that says dragon age inquitision patch V4.0 but i cant download it anyone knows something about that?i found it on the 3dm site

  208. Fenrir (12 Dec 2014, 22:44)

    @Warden thats chinese patch 😛 dont download that unless you want your game in chinese xD

  209. Larry Wolf (13 Dec 2014, 3:23)

    I’m sick of waiting, but I’ll not waste a single penny until make sure this game rocks. Meanwhile I’ll keep masturbating for the gameplay videos, trying not get some spoilers.

  210. rizkyy (13 Dec 2014, 6:13)

    3dm member :
    [ The world’s first break ! ] ” Dragon Age 3 : Trial ” PC Deluxe Edition + crack patch archive retrieval 1-2 [3DM Technology Group Original ] [ confirmation will be released on time 20:00 GMT tonight, so stay tuned !

  211. Beksim (13 Dec 2014, 9:03)

    Guys Dragon Age Inquisition Crack by 3DM is set for release @20:00 GMT. According to 3DM Forums announcement by an admin. Prepare your bootys.

  212. Dragon Age (13 Dec 2014, 9:19)

    that patches 3.0-4.0, what for ? only chinese language pack ??? or beta test for crack ?

  213. warden (13 Dec 2014, 10:41)

    body,mind and soul are totally ready for it,so where is it? 😀

  214. Erik (13 Dec 2014, 11:57)

    Fenrir, i understand that the patch is Chinese but does it work ?

  215. Romp (13 Dec 2014, 11:58)

    The crack is finished and it will be released at 20:00 GMT at the 3DM site or forum.
    Source: 3DM forum.

  216. Aldo (13 Dec 2014, 13:18)

    So what version of the game do i need?

  217. Asproskounoupis (13 Dec 2014, 13:25)

    i got the crack but either im doing something stupidly wrong or the crack isnt compatible with this game tversion…

  218. David (13 Dec 2014, 13:37)

    about goddamn time! let’s hope it works…

  219. doctormo (13 Dec 2014, 13:44)

    Does this crack work with UNLOCKED SG version or do i need to redownload? I would rather avoid downloading all over again if i can

  220. maradjah (13 Dec 2014, 13:55)

    i have the corepacks version of the game ! and this crack dosent work with it !
    im missing files … like core/activation64.dll

  221. Aldo (13 Dec 2014, 13:59)

    and now the internet is going to die 😀

  222. Ramgor (13 Dec 2014, 15:20)

    The torrent doesn’t let me install it.It asks me to install origin.I tried that but then it asked me to officially activate the game through origin with official code.WTF? After this I immediately uninstalled origin again. There’s no code to do that anyway and there’s also no guide in the torrent on how to go around that so WTF is going on with this installation? How am I supposed to install it?

  223. YourHero (13 Dec 2014, 15:25)

    After u paste Patch + crack

    1. Select all files in game folder and uncheck read only!!!
    2. run as admin and for me it worked.

    Works with Skidrow game.
    I had same problem with Orgin updater, but now Im playing DAI, cya xD

  224. Ramgor (13 Dec 2014, 15:33)

    And the update in the crack misses the core/activation64.dll file.

  225. Chiyo (13 Dec 2014, 15:48)

    I’ve been reading the comments and I found it someone else also had this problem: I did download the deluxe version I found here, but when I try to install, then the origin login page pops up and ask for the key. Did I miss something or overlooked something among the files or did I do something wrong? Please someone help me! Thanks

  226. Ramgor (13 Dec 2014, 15:57)

    YourHero,this doesn’t work.I tried it and it still asks me to install origin…

  227. Travsion (13 Dec 2014, 16:15)

    Works, thx : *

  228. Allons-y-Allonzo (13 Dec 2014, 16:25)

    I’m trying to get the last torrent because the crack just won’t work and i’m getting around 60 seed for more than 6000 peer!! JEEZ people SEED!

  229. Magnatos (13 Dec 2014, 16:45)

    Ok I had problems like You but i fixed it :)
    Sory for my english but im from Poland….
    1st You have to install Vcredist’s
    2nd You have to copy all files and folders from update folder to the game folder (not update to update)
    3rd You have to copy crack files to game folder.

    In my pc it looks like that:
    copy to GAMES\Dragon Age Inquisition\
    copy to GAMES\Dragon Age Inquisition\

    Works fine.

    Thank You :)

  230. luterer (13 Dec 2014, 17:01)

    single ftp link please. much appreciated. i cant download torrent

  231. Requ (13 Dec 2014, 17:01)

    But how can I change the language? Cause it works in chinese 😀 And I understands shit! 😀 Any help?

  232. callum (13 Dec 2014, 17:38)

    people need to seed more im getting like 10kb/s torrent download with a 50 mega bit download speed!

  233. […] DOWNLOAD FULL GAME : HERE […]

  234. Neoplantix (13 Dec 2014, 18:26)

    Torrent are too slow :( Seed more i beg you!

  235. Homer (13 Dec 2014, 18:32)

    Can someone help?
    I placed all the files in the AV exceptions.
    Disabled the AV.
    Copied the update content to the game folder.
    Copied the crack to the game folder.
    Unchecked read only.
    But I still get the Origin pop up.

  236. Fenrir (13 Dec 2014, 19:20)

    My Qunari Mage is ready to roll 😀 enjoy the game guys :) Ty Skidrow and 3dm you are AWESOME <3

  237. unknown (13 Dec 2014, 19:32)

    I did everything right. But the crack is not working for me too. Don’t you have another suggestion?

  238. Tyy (13 Dec 2014, 19:35)

    It worked for me, im really amazed thanl u so much for ur effort guys

  239. Fenrir (13 Dec 2014, 19:50)

    Btw guys does Dragon Age Keep work or is there another way to change World State?

  240. Fenrir (13 Dec 2014, 20:07)

    @unknown Use Launcher.exe to run your game and install all VC from Installer folder :) enjoy the game

  241. Nice1 (13 Dec 2014, 20:38)

    Hey guys,

    can u get it working full-screen?
    i can’t :'(

  242. Homer (13 Dec 2014, 20:39)

    So I got pass the Origin pop up. Now (like many others) the game just stays in the tasks for a bit and then disappears. Ideas?

  243. Pol (13 Dec 2014, 21:32)

    Hi. Homer wat did You do?
    I can’t start it

  244. stalk900 (13 Dec 2014, 21:33)

    ok it work but remember leave the file how it was, DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING=WORK FINE THANK SKIDROW SO MUCH I LOVE U

  245. Argannox (13 Dec 2014, 21:45)

    Ya, I’m having the same problem as Homer. I applied the update, crack, installed the vcs, applied the cores, and when i run the launcher the game just hangs in task manager doing nothing.

  246. MEPH (13 Dec 2014, 22:18)

    Need help. Downloaded the digital deluxe from here (pasted at top), i unrar it into a new folder, double click DragonAgeInquisition application, and origin box pops up. “We’re sorry, an error has occured. Origin is not installed, and is required to play your game. Please reinstall origin”

    Any ideas ?

  247. RagacS (13 Dec 2014, 22:23)

    Same here, it pops up in the taskbar, then quits… Any help?

  248. Mizu (13 Dec 2014, 22:31)

    Thanks a lot for the torrent and the crack!
    Ah btw, about Piratebay’s death, http://oldpiratebay.org/ here is the unnoficial reopening, just to notice and alert people that din’t know.

  249. Homer (13 Dec 2014, 22:56)

    @Pol the steps I made are a few posts above.

  250. Nice1 (13 Dec 2014, 23:16)

    guys, are you using the 3dm launcher..? (which comes with the crack?)

  251. Argannox (13 Dec 2014, 23:40)

    Yes Nice1, if I attempt to use the game’s exe, it just opens origin asking for activation.

  252. CussWors (13 Dec 2014, 23:55)

    YourHero Fixed my problem, works like a charm now

  253. alsharef (14 Dec 2014, 0:41)

    i must done some thing wrong but dont know what exactly have all thing up to date and done all steps as you say guys but when i click on launcher nothing happened at all ,,,my device is very good play all games in ultra graphic ,,,,pleas help guys

  254. shade (14 Dec 2014, 0:49)

    Dragon Age Keep how to use?? help

  255. KouKou (14 Dec 2014, 1:28)

    Seed Plox

  256. Homer (14 Dec 2014, 1:42)

    Like they said, this is the first crack. The hardest is done. Someone will come along with a way for everyone to play. But at the moment, some can, some cant.

  257. Argannox (14 Dec 2014, 1:45)

    A couple people here are not having problems with the read only checks, the problem is that once we run the launcher, the game shows up in task manager but it does nothing. I’ve already done every step needed to get the game working. It’s just this one problem that’s stopping me.

  258. Kawaii (14 Dec 2014, 4:18)

    not working for me e.e
    i’ve never seen such an complicated game before… i’ve did everything that everyone else did and game crashes after it loads a bit
    i just wish that i could change the settings before even starting the game

  259. Kawaii (14 Dec 2014, 4:20)

    and need more seeders :c

  260. fitra (14 Dec 2014, 5:34)

    Where is the FTP links ? I can’t download from torrent because I always gets about 30-70 kb/s

  261. john (14 Dec 2014, 5:50)

    How do I install, I can’t find an iso or something that lets me install the game.

  262. RagacS (14 Dec 2014, 9:10)

    I had the same “exits after a few seconds error” too, but I managed to start the game.
    1.I downloaded the deluxe torren from here.
    2. Dont extract it into the same directory where you downloaded it, extract it somewhere else, because the windows puts back the read only thing automatically.
    3.Remove read only from Dragon Age Inquisiton folder.
    4. Install visual c++ 2012, 2013 found in the update folder.
    5. Run launcher.exe as admin.
    6. Enjoy

  263. dlanor (14 Dec 2014, 11:07)

    could’t get the game working.
    then extracted to diverrent drive turned off AVG and it worked.

  264. MEPH (14 Dec 2014, 13:11)

    Managed to install game and get past my original post problem, but problem i have now is after i start up the game, it starts freezing, getting something silly like 1-2 frames every 20 seconds (where templars are on the right, mages on the left, the “click to continue” part). Running an E8400 core 2 duo cpu, both cores running at 50c, 100% load on both cores,with a tjmax of 100c. Guess i am one of the unlucky one’s for now, regarding compatibility.

  265. Fenrir (14 Dec 2014, 15:16)

    Now we need to find out how to import world states 😛

  266. theHeroe (14 Dec 2014, 16:55)

    hi. I installed the game yesterday and I started to play. but when i will install the update my save will be deleted or not ?? please answer me and ty all

  267. dlanor (14 Dec 2014, 18:26)

    hi meph
    seems you’re 2 core’s short min quad core

  268. Bibs (14 Dec 2014, 18:57)

    thanks, that thing with the folder saved my sanity !!

  269. Javier23 (14 Dec 2014, 19:14)

    why take so much time to download whyyyyyyy?! max speed 4KB/s (torrent and One FTP link).
    and i need down 30 GB!!!! Jesus heeeelpppp me pleaseee!!

  270. Qunari (14 Dec 2014, 19:27)

    Game is working and running perfectly!

    I have some issues with two quests, though:

    1. Bron won’t help me, after I completed his Quest. I marked all watch tower places, but he won’t update! So I can’t get horses for the inquisition.

    2. I can’t investigate the cargo of the dwarf by the river.

  271. napalmz (14 Dec 2014, 20:05)

    Hey peeps,

    whats the best way to download from the FTP link? – if i use FF or I.e after a while it just “completes” but gives error on opening. i used to use getright back in the day – any tips on which download resurmer to use?

    thanks alot :)

  272. Bee (14 Dec 2014, 20:48)

    Just started to play… Thanks!

  273. Carlos (14 Dec 2014, 23:51)

    napalmz IDM (internet download manager) is a great one. I’m downloading the game from the FTP and i’ve paused and started the download like 3 time and still no problems when resuming the download.

  274. wonbin (15 Dec 2014, 1:52)

    why the size on ftp link 25gb, diff from the torent one, 30gb?

  275. napalmz (15 Dec 2014, 2:04)

    Carlos thank you! exactly what i was looking for – much appreciated :)

  276. Cactus (15 Dec 2014, 3:53)

    Well… I tried the game, it runs well(I have more than the minimum requirement) but yet the games makes my RAM memory hot like crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  277. abc (15 Dec 2014, 11:24)

    Thank You and 3DM very much for crack !!!

    You are the best !!!!

  278. Kizaru (15 Dec 2014, 12:13)

    why is it that my IDM cant download the FTP link? instead the firefox downloader appears? you know that open with and save as box . . .

  279. MEPH (15 Dec 2014, 12:14)

    Thanks for the reply, only realised that yesterday, we were told ages ago if our machines could run DA2, we would be able to run DAI, which is obviously wrong. After a few searches, its a big issue on the forums, as some dual core users can play the game and some cant, apparently its a minimum of 4 threads needed for the game. Hopefully Bioware and EA get their fingers out of their backsides and correct this. This is one of them few games where minimum req ACTUALLY means exactly what it says.

  280. Homer (15 Dec 2014, 12:47)

    The game stays in the Task manager for a few seconds and then it disappears. Ideas?

  281. Vulf (15 Dec 2014, 13:01)

    Could someone create and post here repair data (.par) for the zip archive from FTP link (BrtFix.Com.Dragon.Age.Inquisition.zip)? Eventually a .sfv file?

    I’ve downloaded the archive via DownThemAll Firefox plugin but unfortunately i’m still getting the CRC error when I’m trying to unpack the archive even if system shows proper size of the archive.

    I would be grateful too if someone could paste here a screenshot of the opened .iso file. I want to compare the sizes of the contents of that .iso file with the contents of my incomplete downloaded .iso.

  282. Homer (15 Dec 2014, 14:34)

    Can anyone confirm if the game works on Windows 8.1?

  283. AdrianK (15 Dec 2014, 15:22)


    2 scenarios here

    1.) game start in task manager nothing happening
    2.) game will ask for Origin activation

    whole folder is without Read only flag, crack applied, update as well (correct way for extracting)

    WIN7 64bit, latest drivers for AMD installed.

    I tried to copy game to another drive, running as Admin, compatibility mode. Tried couple different patches or cracks, still nothing.

  284. Yaako (15 Dec 2014, 16:34)

    Same problem here. When I open via launcher.exe I can see the game in task manager for a few seconds before it disappears. Is there any solution up for this yet?

  285. tijs (15 Dec 2014, 19:06)

    I have same problems game ask ing or Origin activation

    This is after reading all steps and following them

    anti virus disabled. whole folder is without Read only flag, crack applied, update as well (correct way for extracting)

    Tried run as admin, win8 compatibility mode, problem persist.

    WIN8.164bit, latest drivers

  286. Joep (15 Dec 2014, 19:21)

    I had a problem with Origin as well.
    First I did what everybody said:
    – download/install all the vc files
    – uncheck read only (wasnt nescessary for me)
    – and putting the crack in my map

    After that I still had the Origin pop up.
    I solved this by disabeling my virus scanner (AVG) for 10 minutes and than launching the game with 3DM launcher. And than the GAME STARTS without any problems.
    (I think that this is because the 3dmgame.dll has a virus in it called Win/Blacked, I dont know if it is nescessary for the crack/game so I havent deleted it.)

    I hope this helps,
    thanks RagnakS and YourHero for your explanations, it helped me a bit.

  287. Joep (15 Dec 2014, 19:28)

    Oh and I updated my drivers

  288. Homer (15 Dec 2014, 19:31)

    Can anyone confirm if the crack is working in windows 8/8.1?

  289. Jordi Carree (15 Dec 2014, 19:54)


  290. Bogdan (15 Dec 2014, 20:02)

    The dlcs and bonus items don’t work !!!!!!!!!!

  291. vidguy0098 (15 Dec 2014, 20:14)

    I haven’t had any of the problems people have listed. Of course, I actually bought the game so I think that helps.

  292. Çağdaş (15 Dec 2014, 20:48)

    guys. while playing dragon age , my computer keeps crashing. i’ve reinstalled game, done the crack, re-installed all c++ redistributable package etc , but problem continues. its not a game crash , its a computer crash. just like a power loss. it only happens on dragon age inquisition , other games work just fine. anyone know a solution for this?

  293. dlanor (15 Dec 2014, 23:53)

    seems you got a memory problem shut down all extra users and try again.

  294. Riya (16 Dec 2014, 1:43)

    I’m a sorta noob girl when it comes to DL games, meaning I’ve been dl games for the past 5 years but not too familiar with the technicalities. can someone explain me the steps please and thank you!

  295. spiritualmojo (16 Dec 2014, 1:47)

    Can you upload the core file again? The link is dead :(
    Thanks for the download skidrow! you guys are awesome.

  296. luterer (16 Dec 2014, 6:22)

    im stuck at 99% downloading using single ftp link. how do i fix this and yes im using idm

  297. Mogly (16 Dec 2014, 9:16)

    HELP when i try to start the game it says my graphics card doesn’t support directx 10.0 BUT IT DOES (GeForce 9600 GSO) have no idea wat to do

  298. Nice1 (16 Dec 2014, 14:37)

    any1 found out how to restore world state? :)

    Also, what is this bonus..? (i have the 3DM version of the game – where should i look for the bonuses? :) )

  299. Schmegma (16 Dec 2014, 18:18)

    Seed please, im getting 0.7 kb/s

  300. Nice1 (16 Dec 2014, 19:27)

    ok, guys, the crack is broke – i think no one can mount…
    I couldn’t get on a horse.

    Has anyone been able to mount with this crack?

  301. T4MR (16 Dec 2014, 19:30)

    Seed guys, my torrent is donwloading 2 kb/s….

  302. nat (17 Dec 2014, 10:14)

    anyone getting asked by the installer
    to enter an individual cd-key ?
    cant get past it


  303. Fenrir (17 Dec 2014, 12:39)

    Has anyone solved the deluxe edition problem,items dont appear and chests are interactable?

  304. kris (17 Dec 2014, 23:18)

    Worked 2 days ago, now will start origin again?!?! I unchecked read only but it keeps turning it on

  305. Beksim (18 Dec 2014, 0:27)

    @Fenrir it is an issue with the crack. 3DM has to fix it.

  306. Fenrir (18 Dec 2014, 0:54)

    @Beksim thank you


  307. Beksim (18 Dec 2014, 4:57)

    @fenrir You need to wait for a Save Editor to be released. It a part of your char save.

  308. ALI (18 Dec 2014, 8:07)

    Would you please add doual core fix in other links
    I don’t know how to download from turrent
    Or if it possible please send it via email to me

  309. Coltyn (18 Dec 2014, 10:16)

    How is everyone having so many problems o.O; I downloaded the torrent. Used DaemonTools to mount the iso, navigated to the files in disk drive, selected setup, game installed then I placed crack that came with it in the folder and started the game. Plays perfectly. 27-30fps entire time I’ve been playing. No issues whatsoever.

  310. jonson (18 Dec 2014, 10:33)

    my problem is i cant choose win 8 only 7 or vista in the Launcher what can i do?

  311. alberto (18 Dec 2014, 15:43)

    hi! i can play…buy i not able to chanche te language to spanish… everyone knows what is the problem?

  312. Andrea (18 Dec 2014, 18:44)

    Hi to all,
    i download torrent file and unzip it(3 times). But i can’t see any image with daemon.

    Someone can help me?

  313. Chaplain (19 Dec 2014, 1:10)

    Okay,guys. Pardon me if this seems like a foolish question but after I finished downloading the game from the torrent side,I found out that I had a LOT of rar. files in the download file. The question is which one is the correct one or rather,how in the world am I supposed to combine them all together if need be? X_X Thank you for any future replies and much appreciated. :)

  314. Dude (19 Dec 2014, 2:23)

    Start seeding people, I should be able to download 30 gig in 5 mins but torrent is saying 2 weeks, uncool!

  315. Deib (19 Dec 2014, 15:57)

    Seed goddamnit. downloading @ 20kb/s is not cool.

  316. ASACIO (19 Dec 2014, 16:41)

    hi! All works!!!!! 😀

    just 1 issue: Is there any way to change language in this game? Only text, I want to put it into spanish. I know audio is not changeable, but I prefer it that way :)

  317. David (19 Dec 2014, 19:07)

    just finished the main story, the game is pure SHIT!

  318. Corvo "Dovahkiin" Jensen (19 Dec 2014, 19:24)

    @Chaplain – You need to select all the .rar files and then extract them all at once. It should automatically make a new folder with the contents. Though obviously you can’t actually play it yet until the cracks are ready.

  319. Venom (19 Dec 2014, 19:41)

    is anyone seeding this? cmon guys

  320. Alex (19 Dec 2014, 20:13)

    Hi guys i dowloaded, unrur, but how I install? lancher said I must install but I can’t find how? anyone could help please?

  321. Alex (19 Dec 2014, 20:43)

    sorry guy can explain??
    dowloaded and unrur deluxe edition
    dowloaded the corrupted file
    than how I install??
    I run vc installer of c++
    paste crack and update
    put administrator but still isn’t installed
    ask for core/activation64.dll
    what I must do?

  322. Chaplain (19 Dec 2014, 21:28)

    @Corvo:Thank you,Corvo. :) Oh dear. The cracks aren’t ready yet? :( Hm…..Then,may I know when will it be released?

  323. Azethoth (19 Dec 2014, 21:52)

    I’m wondering how I can use my saves from DA1 and DA2 because I can’t use it somehow. anyone kno how to fix this? also I use the 3DM version

  324. Grediel (20 Dec 2014, 0:19)

    DLC working for anyone?

  325. CielPhamtom (20 Dec 2014, 1:38)

    guy I have problem with item edition it not working Please I need help

  326. Fenrir (20 Dec 2014, 18:51)

    Deluxe items dont work for anyone,its a crack problem we need to w8 for version v3 to fix that 😛

  327. Virus909 (20 Dec 2014, 19:08)

    anyone having an issue with the game not loading? i make a new game and then it just keeps loading endlessly

  328. vodka (21 Dec 2014, 4:14)

    (sorry for my bad english) why i cant change the voice in the game?!?!?

  329. Doc (21 Dec 2014, 14:01)

    Thanks for all the hard work you’ve done !

  330. zensation (22 Dec 2014, 22:21)

    I actually can’t even get it to run.. keeps telling me i should update my video driver 13.1 to 13.9 while its up to date. graphical card is a SAPPHIRE VAPOR-X HD 4870 1GB

  331. godsmack (23 Dec 2014, 23:55)

    any1 having in-game sound glitches like no ambient sound here and there or smth like that?

  332. paul (24 Dec 2014, 7:01)

    If you run VLC media player while the game is running it will cut the load on your cpu by over 60%, fuckin strange huh?!!!. Try it.

  333. someone (24 Dec 2014, 8:06)

    does this crack v3 solve the problem woith the deluxe itens? i’m deciding if will download this or the black box one that isn’t deluxe(without the deluxe content with will be the same anyway, so smaller is better)

  334. someonepleasehelp (25 Dec 2014, 2:23)

    Ok so I downloaded the torrent but HOW DO I INSTAL this?

    Ive gone through all the comments but I cant find a single answer to this that would work for me.

    There is exe file named “DragonAgeInquisition” if I open it its asking me to active it on origin. Then there is __Installer folder which doesnt contain anything that would allow me to instal the game and then there is Data folder with 21 files with .cas extension (wtf autocad files?) but nothing I use on it works….tried RAR, 7-Zip, it cannot be unpacked, it just says “cannot open file”.

    Can anyone help please?

    much appreciated

  335. Rockiv (25 Dec 2014, 3:43)

    I have finished the download and when I try to mount the image, it just opens a window to see archives like setup.exe and a lot of others setup archives… Then I executed the setup and it installed all the setup archives again, just in another place.

    Help, plz.

  336. games like dragon age - RTH (25 Dec 2014, 10:44)

    […] Dragon age: inquisition deluxe edition – skidrow About the game your new adventure begins. when the sky opens up and rains down chaos, the world needs heroes. become the savior of thedas in dragon age: inquisition.. […]

  337. Antonio (26 Dec 2014, 0:26)

    i am glad EA found an anti piracy solution i bought the game 50 E from my hard work earnd money why should an guy who never worked a day or hour play the same game i payed for and bioware will find an antipiracy solution.
    stop waiting for a crack it will not come.
    i don`t own any pirated game and i have a lot of games cus i am a gamer i like a game i go out and buy it .

  338. ANtonia haha (26 Dec 2014, 14:09)

    which is why u are always a gamer and gamer alone.

  339. Mateus (27 Dec 2014, 16:23)

    Its asking an activation code for origin :(

  340. Someone (28 Dec 2014, 2:24)

    you need to open origin then open the LAUNCHER not the game-name.exe sheeesh people can’t try by themselves

  341. Pakokasal (28 Dec 2014, 10:50)

    As “Someone” said, I opened Origin, then executed the Launcher.exe, but it still asks me for the activation.

  342. CielPhamtom (28 Dec 2014, 10:52)

    guy I want to import save offline Please help

  343. JollyRoger (29 Dec 2014, 3:26)


    Probably have to wait for 3DM to release a crak (Launcher) version that supports your CPU. v.2 always gave me the popup. I sent in my CPU info using their tool, and guess what? v3 worked.
    I don’t have to set any read-only or run as admin and it doesn’t matter where the folder is.

    Import save offline? No, “The Keep” is actually *another* DRM. Until someone makes an editor, or you have someone else do it on Origin for you.

    Don’t get me wrong, have gladly bought DA and other BW games, but this one with a draconian DRM (and Keep), serious issues, and EA is spawn of satan. Maybe by the time we can afford to upgrade, buy it used.

  344. Anonymous (29 Dec 2014, 4:42)

    guys.. just wanna ask something.. if i download the game through the FTP link.. do i need to download the crack and the update?? or its being included in the FTP link..
    **sorry for bad EngRISH**

  345. JollyRoger (30 Dec 2014, 0:41)


    1. Put these files in same folder as DragonAgeInquisition.exe: Extreme Injector v3.exe, dualcore.dll, EasyHook64.dll, settings.xml
    2. Run the Injector, click “Add DLL”, select dualcore.dll – this will be injected.
    3. Click Settings, select Auto Inject, OK.
    4. Run Launcher. Game should be MUCH faster, especially in menus.
    5. If it crashes when launching, go to Launcher settings and put in some Inject Delay – 1000 and 1500 worked in one case.

  346. Cast (30 Dec 2014, 1:03)

    Guys ,
    I’m sorry, but I just cant install
    I just got a exe. file and a Launcher that does not work
    I could not find any iso ou setup .
    Can anyone please help me?
    much appreciated

  347. Anon (30 Dec 2014, 9:46)

    @Cast, same issue here, people talk about an iso file but i don’t see any, nor do i see crack files, help anyone? did i download the wrong thing?

  348. Lani (30 Dec 2014, 12:13)

    Yeah same here, after installing i have ‘Launcher.exe’, which is probably the cracked launcher (?), but it doesn’t start anything, and i have ‘DragonAgeInquisition.exe’, which starts the EA Login screen. I used torrent, if it matters. Is the crack not uploaded yet or am i doing something wrong?

  349. Lani (30 Dec 2014, 12:18)

    oh damn it i am stupid.. wrong page.. i’ m sorry

  350. Pateh (30 Dec 2014, 15:33)

    Torrents aren’t working cus i get an error: The path didn’t work or something and when i try to download the FTP version the downloading fails after 1 hour of downloading, pls help!

  351. Anon (30 Dec 2014, 17:23)

    Took 5 days to dl the 30gb file, extracted all the compressed folders into 1 different directory, with AV turned off… But where’s the ISO? Downloaded the full game deluxe edition- does the ISO come with the crack download instead of the game?
    Just a folder/subfolder the ISO should be in would be really helpful, thanks.

    I’ve never had any problems with skidrow before, downloaded Skyrim, the sims etc and never had any trouble with ISOs or cracks.

  352. Joy (31 Dec 2014, 12:14)

    For those with no ISO files- I suspect your AV deleted them upon download completion. I only turned my AV off after the download finished, and my ISO was missing. When i first extracted the compressed files, my AV deleted a bunch of files so I turned it off and re-extracted with no problems, but I think it got to the ISO file before I turned it off.

    My internet is painfully slow though, it took me 6 days to download the game, so I’d rather not redownload- if yours is faster and you’re having this problem then go for it though, remember to turn your AV off first!

    Alternatively, would some kind soul be willing to upload JUST the ISO file for the bunch of us for which it’s missing?

  353. Jack (01 Jan 2015, 19:11)

    Take a look at this video:

    I took from there all I needed, so with that you should be able to install the game. Anyway i will explain it my way, with more problems that happened me during the installation, but basically with that video you can install it.

    IMPORTANT: Antivirus may delete files from the game and cracks, so the first thing to do is tell the antivirus not to check those folders where the game and cracks will download. (You can look in the internet how to do this). If you already downloaded the game and cracks, check that your antivirus hasn’t put on quarantine any files from your game.

    1 – Download the full game (3DMGAME-Dragon.Age.Inquisition.Multi.9.Incl.Patch.2.and.DLC.Cracked-3DM)
    2- Download this: (We will call this FILE1)
    3 – Download Crack v3 on this website (link: http://mega.co.nz/#!8cUBlCwD!mrog2wIQgyL86ftDhxzP_w8ACkRBa6VQXvoIk8_ffr0)

    4 – Extract the game. You will get a folder with the name of the game, YOU WILL NOT GET AN ISO, but that’s normal, don’t worry.
    5 – In the FILE1, you have a folder named “Update”. Copy its content into the folder extracted of the game.
    7 – In the same FILE1, you have a folder named “Crack”. Copy its content into the folder extracted of the game.
    8 – SUPER IMPORTANT: Select all the files from the folder of the game. Right click and select “Properties”. Uncheck the box named “Read Only”. Click on “Apply”, and then click on “OK”. Click “OK”.

    Now try opening the “Launcher.exe” running it as admin and that’s it.

    1 – If it doesn’t work, copy the content of the crack v3 into the folder of the game and try again the “Launcher.exe”.

    2 – If it doesn’t work, download this: (We will call this FILE2)

    Copy all the files (after extracting FILE2) into the folder of the game.
    Try again running as admin the “Launcher.exe”.

    NOTE: If you get a message from NVIDIA saying that you have not the latest drivers, just look on the internet and download them (I used NVIDIA GeForce Experience).

    I think that’s all, hope it helped!

  354. nelson (02 Jan 2015, 16:05)

    Torrent file not working.. fix please..

  355. ari (02 Jan 2015, 17:35)

    I played the game for 2 weeks, is very very very boring game. Is a HACK & SLASH game, nothing more.

    In any battle the only thing you must to do is maintain the mouse button pressed, and occasionally, press a button betwen 1 and 8 to cast magic.

    I espected some game like Dragon Age Origin, no an assassing cred with elf and qunaris.

  356. ari (02 Jan 2015, 17:42)

    (Sorry for my english)

    DAO was en RPG grame like Baldur’s Gate, Planescape Torment, Icewind Dale, etc. DAI is a HACK & SLASH game, like assassing creed.

    There isn’t any strategy situation, you don’t need think anything to win a battle, only. I tested this play the game with the main character stopped in his position and maintain pressed the mouse button, i won the 90% of the battles, in normal difficulty…

    I still hope a game like Dragon Age Origin…

  357. Joy (02 Jan 2015, 19:30)

    Followed Jack’s directions, works like a charm.
    Silly the instructions from SKIDROW say there’s an ISO file when there isn’t- so much wasted time looking for something that isnt there!
    Thanks Jack, and Skidrow for the upload. You all rock.

  358. bedsiee (03 Jan 2015, 7:10)

    I’m using windows 8 and since a lot of people havr been having problems with it working in windows 8 I’ll try to tell you in detail how it worked. So I downloaded the details deluxe version but not this one. It’s on kickass torrent. Just search for dragon age inquisition deluxe zm, it’s an iso file. Since the iso already has a crack I used it but of course it didn’t work so I downloaded crack 2 but it would show in the task manager for a few seconds and then dissappear, so I downloaded crack 3 and it showed slight improvement where a black screen would show up along with a loading icon but it woul also close after a few seconds. So I heard that if you move it to the desktop it would work but it made no difference. As a last measurement I downloaded the update 2.5 and it still didn’t help so I just decided to give up and install win8.1 but it advised me to check the windows update in the control panel and make sure everything is up to date. So I decided to fix it and after I updated my nvidia card and tried to run the game as a last try it suddenly started working. I have been playing for 2 days with no problems. Hope this helps anyone still having problems with the game on win8. Thank you skidrow and reloaded for doing this and the people in the comments who also helped me get it to work. Happy gaming

  359. LOVEYOUSOMUCH (03 Jan 2015, 23:59)

    I just love you guys so much, like ive been downloading “your” games since i can remember but never took the time to thank you for it (im sorry for that) but the work you guys do is amazing! Like having all this work and dont even receive anything for it, if this world had more people like you would be a much better place, and it also shows its possible for people to actualy do stuff without asking anything in return. well just thank you very much for all the work through all these years!!

  360. CrimsonRider (04 Jan 2015, 22:01)

    I’m still stuck at the task manager issue…have anyone already found out a solution?

  361. Aigis (05 Jan 2015, 1:49)

    seed pls ? ^^

  362. Marty320 (05 Jan 2015, 14:43)

    One ADVICE for those with TASK MANAGER issue – worked for me, maybe it will work also for you. My problem was, that it was visible only in task manager and nothing was happening – the condition for this to work is, that it must not dissapear by itself from the task manager – I heard this happened to some people.
    And the magical advice is: Wait. And Wait. I don’t know why, but I started the game, it was visible in the task manager, I just left it there and didn’t close it and to my suprise the game started in 5-10 minutes. Yes, it takes some time, but after this long start, for me the game works perfectly, no freezing, no problems.
    Hope this will help to someone.
    And also big, big thanks to all crack creators!

  363. Aigis (05 Jan 2015, 17:00)

    hi guys, i can’t get it working actually.
    I downloaded the game right now, seeded all the night too.
    After that i installed an update 2.5 found on a torrent and used the crack on it, still ORIGIN popped up.

    I don’t know what to do.
    Should i reinstall it and try to go for it without changing a thing?
    HELP, thanks!

  364. Aigis (05 Jan 2015, 17:10)

    Also, i use W7 64bit, i used all the types of cracks, except the v4-3dm.
    The problem is just this origin popup.
    So sequentially , that’s what i did: download via torrent this deluxe edition, installed it, applied the update 2.5 taken by this torrent http://kickass.so/dragon-age-inquisition-update-v2-5-crack-3dm-v3-0-t9989761.html#main , then i applied the crackv3 found in the same torrent linked above. I did all this cause a friend told me to do that. Still origin popups.
    You can mail me too to [email protected] for further details.

  365. Aigis (05 Jan 2015, 21:16)

    It seems i did it! Actually i unistalled the game and reinstalled it again. Did nothing else and it went ok.

    IMPORTANT: i did everything with microsoft security essential down. This little software erased some files of the crack, so be sure to disable that. AVG and Avira or Windows Firewall can stay on, but u must torn off microsoft security essential.

    I post it just to give u some tips, hope it helps.

  366. GoRM (07 Jan 2015, 2:36)

    The torrent link is down….. plzz fix it!! :c

  367. RagacS (07 Jan 2015, 11:54)

    Please fix the torrent link, from ftp server its too slow, it takes 19 hours….when i have 120 Mbit/s Internet connection.

  368. Zaldrakor (07 Jan 2015, 14:56)

    Fix the torrent link pls !

  369. Mac (07 Jan 2015, 18:12)

    I downloaded the ftp link but in my downloads when I try to open it says file is invalid or unzip folder, it says it is empty. Any ideas?

  370. Stealth (08 Jan 2015, 18:48)

    I downloaded the torrent and everything is in *.bin format….I dont have any antivirus software running. Im quite confused on this one. I rarely have any issues running software from torrents. So anyways Daemon Tools wont read the file type. The Download came with a setup executable which I ran and it seams as though it is a Steam installer. Im just stumpped, im gonna try and run the setup and will report back

  371. Stealth (08 Jan 2015, 19:13)

    So a little research shows that this is RG Steamgames release and NOT 3DM or Skidrow. So that being said wtf is this release (non skidrow) doing on the Skidrow site for this game? Now im worried because I have never heard of this RG Games guy…..

  372. Joms5 (09 Jan 2015, 7:06)

    I installed successfully (I think), updated my drivers, have all the C++ stuff and i can open the game, pic a class and type of character, but when the game loads, all i see is background and hear noises, the game loads and eventually i can get into conversations but i cannot see anything but green background or a sky, is anyone else experiencing similar problems?

  373. Goric (09 Jan 2015, 18:37)

    I did everything like Jack told here, the game is working very fine. And it is awesome! Thank you!

  374. Shayy (11 Jan 2015, 5:27)

    Hello, does anyone know why the torrent for DAI deluxe edition has .bin files in it? Can anyone tell me please? I dont see Launcher.exe or anything :( Just curious

  375. Gerrard (12 Jan 2015, 15:08)

    Hi, I installed this version and various cracks and managed to get the game running. But I didn’t receive any Deluxe items? I’m already in the Hinterlands and no sign of any Deluxe items. Where are they in the game?

  376. mohsen (14 Jan 2015, 7:04)

    i need crack

  377. Gabs (15 Jan 2015, 9:24)

    hey excellent work as always, but I have a problem. How do i undo the patch 2? I had the problem of the texture downgrade, the fix suggested from bioware doesn’t work because i start the game from the special launcher and not from the shortcut (http://forum.bioware.com/…/532511-dragon-age…/). I just want my scars back, my Katarina doesn’t look like katarina without the scar!! help pls

  378. Leo (16 Jan 2015, 18:22)

    Can i login in my acount for earlier games or it´ll crash?

    It says that it can follow your desitions form previous games to continue the storyline

  379. Peter (16 Jan 2015, 21:40)

    hey i just finish to install the game and origins just POP UP even with the update + crack 3

    Plz Help

  380. Afraz (17 Jan 2015, 14:37)

    Thanks, still works great.
    Will you be releasing the additional content later, like the Red Lyrium pack or the Newegg pack?

  381. QDLF (18 Jan 2015, 12:34)

    I played this game for like 20 hours. No problems
    Then the screen turns black. You hear the sounds so you know the game is still running.
    Black screen goes on and off,
    What to do, enjoy the game

  382. Bayudness (19 Jan 2015, 20:50)

    So when unpacking 3dmgame.dll hows it has blacken virus in it. Now I know allot of cracks show virus notifications but blacken is a nasty one. I would rather not get this infection lol.

    Anyone confirm this is just crackology and not actually malicious virus in it?

  383. Adz (20 Jan 2015, 14:18)

    Okay guys, so I have finally gotten Dragon Age Inquisition to work. A few things first, crack only works on Windows 7 and 8.1, not on Windows 8, you need to have the latest graphic drivers installed as well as the latest version on DirectX. You need to disable your anti-virus before installation, then once you’ve copied the crack over, go into the Installer folder->VC folder and install each of those VC things (it will tell you if you already have it installed), you will find the installer under the ‘redist’ sub folder within the VC folders. Once you have done all of this, right click on the launcher and select run as Administrator. I hope I could help, happy gaming!
    When applying update make sure to copy and overwrite files.
    Make sure you extract the crack to your game root folder.
    Make sure you’ve installed DX, VC and your latest graphic driver.
    Make sure to run crack as Admin.

  384. argg (22 Jan 2015, 19:21)

    i had the first deluxe edition, worked well with the crack V3… SInce yesterday, game stopped, back to desktop without error or else… and when i try to relaunch it… error.
    So then trying to re-DL the game… Now it’s a new package through the FTP server, installing it… using the included crack… work, but u_u’ lagging like hell… trying to apply V3 crack… error at launch…
    I’m on W7 ultimate x64, core i5 4×3,8Ghz, 16Go DDR3, and GTX970 4Go graphic card, all is up to date, nothing changed on my computer… T_T
    any idea ?

  385. A lopez (31 Jan 2015, 4:42)

    sup guys soo im using the v4 crack (the only one that worked for me ) but it keeps kicking me out like every 10-15 mins what can i do??

  386. Qdispair (01 Feb 2015, 1:36)

    Here is what worked for me using win 7. Downloaded the deluxe edition iso, then would get the task manager problem where it come up and go away. Applied Crack V4 then it would stay but never come up so then i applied update 2.5. It would come up but take forever. So use the dual core fix and after 3 to 6 min load time game is up and running fine

  387. Markuz (02 Feb 2015, 1:22)

    Hey this R.G installer is slow for some reason? cause it says i have to wait like 8-9 hours to extract files? adn actually is slow in 20 min i have like 3.5%.


  388. Maoh (02 Feb 2015, 6:48)

    FTP link is down, damn

  389. Ardit (02 Feb 2015, 17:00)

    this work for me but not in full scream I dont know why >

  390. Amir (02 Feb 2015, 18:01)

    pls fix the ftp link.. almost completed my download then it suddenly went down :(

  391. Kaliakoudis (02 Feb 2015, 23:34)

    after I install the full game what else should I install and download from the above links?

  392. elimo (03 Feb 2015, 15:15)

    Thanks a lot

  393. doniprasetya (03 Feb 2015, 23:45)

    please upload to one ftp link please

  394. Jomar Marquez (04 Feb 2015, 14:07)

    Hello, thx for you word, please upload to One FTP Link.

  395. Maoh (04 Feb 2015, 19:01)

    Thanks for uploading, you rock

  396. Jomar Marquez (06 Feb 2015, 19:20)


  397. skiload (06 Feb 2015, 21:06)

    Hi Skidrow, will you consider to make a new crack version for DA:I with Patch 3 and 4? Thanls

  398. PandaGIo (09 Feb 2015, 13:02)

    Careful people, the crack on uptobox is a malware.

  399. jesuislesmiserable (14 Feb 2015, 0:25)

    WORKS! The Repack and Crack v4 both work but I think the v2 update does not work.

    Disable antivirus and run as admin. I’m can leave antivirus on running the game once. You can stop the origin popup by deleting DA_Inq\Core\.UIActivation.exe or whatever it was called.

  400. johnny boy (14 Feb 2015, 15:33)

    hey guys, what’s with these bin files? no iso? can’t monut anyrhing. still, i ran setup.exe from what i downloaded and it seems that game is installed/extracted. but since i can’t mount any files, i can’t find crack, and update folder is among the main game directory when the extraction is over.
    and when i start it via desktop icon or launcher – it simply says “DAI has stopped working” and offers mi to check online for the solution or to close the progeam.
    btw, i unchecked read only, installed vc and dx, tried to run as admin, paused my kaspersky. not working. i never had any troubles with installations and this is actually the first time i’am asking for help. simply can’t get it going.

    please, help. thanks.

  401. johnny boy (14 Feb 2015, 18:07)

    ok, so i’ve solved the issue. actually it was my gr card drivers. once i got them, everything seems to work fine. now, i’ve read a lot of stuff here, people having many problems and so on, so i wonder – if it’s better just to keep on with this version, or to patch the game (v2, v3, v4) plus placing added things like corrupted files, fps fix (benchmark showed avg of 43)?

  402. Emil (17 Feb 2015, 16:30)

    Yo, can somone do something with Dragon Keep?

  403. jackpot (19 Feb 2015, 13:09)

    my game literally stops every 10 mins, any suggestion to fix it>?

  404. steiner12 (22 Feb 2015, 12:52)

    hi i was playing the game for 2 about and yesterday i saved it and today i entered the main menu pressed continue and then the loading screen came out. After the loading was complete the game crashed whitout explanation i tried to open it as an admin but nothing happened. Pls tell me if you know to fix this

  405. TD (22 Feb 2015, 13:24)

    Is there a way to import save games from previous ? I can’t log on the dragon keep thing with the cracked version can I ?

    In any case, thanks skidrow for the work

  406. GB (23 Feb 2015, 8:50)

    i am new to this website, can someone tell me where to click for the download?

  407. GnF (23 Feb 2015, 9:29)

    Click the yellow lines man

  408. enarva (27 Feb 2015, 5:46)

    I can’t install the game.

    Runtime rror (at -1:0):

    Cannot import EXPANDCONSTANT.

  409. Steps (28 Feb 2015, 10:45)

    Is there any chance to get Updates 3 + 4 ?? Any links would be appreciated! :)

  410. tabanga (28 Feb 2015, 23:46)

    upload please

  411. SR FAN (01 Mar 2015, 7:07)


  412. Cookie (05 Mar 2015, 12:19)

    Am I the only one who can’t download the crack? :/

  413. DAIQUA (06 Mar 2015, 14:13)

    The game is very buggy. The newest update fixes many things. When will you put it up?

  414. Sethy (09 Mar 2015, 19:54)

    hey guys, cannot get rid of origin activation window. help?

  415. rofe (10 Mar 2015, 6:58)

    Is the deluxe content working how do I get the dlc. Nothing shows up when I wake up in haven?

  416. daffa (10 Mar 2015, 11:18)

    after i finished download with torrent, what should i do?

  417. Wilq (12 Mar 2015, 10:12)


    I have the same problem. Did You manage to fix it ?

  418. jason (15 Mar 2015, 22:31)

    how can i fix this game ‘s lags? i mean everything just freezes when i launch the game and it takes up to 4 minutes for the menu to appear. i have this problem when i am in the game as well. i play for 2 or 3 seconds and it freezes up to 10 seconds. how can i fix this? please guys answer me!!!
    my pc:
    cpu: dual core g1820 haswell 2.7 ghz
    vga:nvidia gtx 650 1gb
    memory: 4gb 1600

  419. William (18 Mar 2015, 2:01)

    For those who find themselves at a loss as to why the Origin activation keeps showing up, here’s why it did for me:

    The problem was that I had Microsoft Security Essentials installed, and it kept deleting the crack each and everytime. The 3dgame.dll kept being erased for no apparent reason. If this is your issue, then it’s most likely MSE intercepting it each time. You’ve got to remove MSE in order for it to work/not get deleted. This happened even when I supposedly disabled MSE. So yes, you’ve got to remove it for the crack to work.

    If you don’t have MSE and this is happening to you, I’d advise you to consider the cause of your problem to be your antivirus.

  420. Fred (18 Mar 2015, 11:55)

    Are you ever going ti update the game? A lot of people requested it. At least say something. I’ve been checking back every day and nothing :/

  421. Ubber (19 Mar 2015, 8:09)

    When I run the setup, the window doesen’t show on my screen, though I can see it when I press ctrl + tab, but when I go on it, it just won’t show anything. I tried restoring it as well by right clicking on the window preview when we pass the mouse over the icon on the task bar but the restore icon won’t even show up.
    Does anyone have a fix for that? If so, I would be really gratefull.

  422. SAVIOR (20 Mar 2015, 7:54)


  423. Saviorofthisworld (20 Mar 2015, 7:57)

    To all people with the origin problem, THE PROBLEM IS THE ANTIVIRUS
    IT’S DELETING YOUR 3DMGAME.DLL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  424. Stijn (22 Mar 2015, 15:15)

    Works perfectly for me so far! ^^
    Thanks Skidrow!

  425. skiload (23 Mar 2015, 16:51)

    Patch 6 was announced today. But the crack version is still at Patch 2. Please, please update this game or else it is so buggy.

    Thank Skidrow.

  426. bbbbbb (26 Mar 2015, 15:29)

    DLC – Jaws of Hakkon?

  427. toto (01 Apr 2015, 9:49)

    why its only 17 gb
    can anyone tell me please cuz i’m new here

  428. warren (03 Apr 2015, 3:19)


  429. Steps (04 Apr 2015, 16:44)

    It seems that we won’t get the new updates 3,4 & 5. I give up! :-(

  430. tony (04 Apr 2015, 16:55)

    Does this need Origin? My computer has issues with origin games.

  431. jonesdick (04 Apr 2015, 17:16)


  432. Tai (06 Apr 2015, 5:02)

    You guys realize skidrow doesn’t even care anymore right? it’s like EA freaking wiped any information about torrent and cracked versions of this game, let alone the new DLC. That and crackers gave up on the game.

  433. Fred (07 Apr 2015, 19:52)

    Still nothing. No new patch nor DLC :((((

  434. John (08 Apr 2015, 15:36)

    Skidrow please update the game with the jaws of hakkon dlc. I’ve been waiting for weeks now. Thank you and more power to you guys!

  435. Shadawing (10 Apr 2015, 9:42)

    Jaws of Hakkon pls :)

  436. idylla (10 Apr 2015, 11:31)

    Why I can not have anything from Deluxe Content? The chest suppose to give me weapon but nothing is working!!?? WHHYYY

  437. Bojler (12 Apr 2015, 18:02)

    I have saves from Original game but it says i need to update my game. There is any ptaches or something ?

  438. avalon (13 Apr 2015, 7:30)

    a question dlc hakkon jaws when they have to download and if multiplayer or single game play

  439. Brownman (15 Apr 2015, 23:45)

    hey guys games working great only problem is the game wont respond to my game pad. i have an official 360 one and it works with everything else cept DA I is there a common reason for this all the fourms online dont help but it may be cuz im running the skidrow one ? any help would be awsome

  440. rep (15 Apr 2015, 23:49)

    ftp link dead, :(

  441. Piki (17 Apr 2015, 15:20)

    Tried to open the game after installed the lates crack, but it won’t open :c

  442. kar (18 Apr 2015, 19:28)

    please add my CPU data
    Intel(R)Core(TM)2Quad CPU [email protected],2GHz
    Ram 8GB
    Windows 7 64 bit
    Ge Force GTX580

  443. Malkavian (19 Apr 2015, 10:20)

    So, what about Jaws of Hakkon DLC now? Are u going to let us wait forever????? Very poor…

  444. cyrus (23 Apr 2015, 14:54)

    please add last update(version 7) and dlc jaws of hakkon
    thank you guys
    you are the best

  445. Thien (24 Apr 2015, 11:05)

    This is my solution for anyone who cant play the game.

    _ Install Dll-Files Fixer and run it to clean your PC ( find the software with crack on google ).
    _ then try all the cracks you have ( I use v3 diff ).

    Sorry for my bad English.

  446. Halcon (26 Apr 2015, 19:37)

    I am having the origin issue. I don’t think it’s my anti virus and if it is I don’t know even how to dissable MSE o.o.. Whats this 3dl everyone is talkign about?

  447. Halcon (26 Apr 2015, 20:03)

    I have tried the the anti virus thingy and MSE is out of date and my other SUPER ANTI SPYWARE is disabled.. I am still having the origin problems, I installed the Crack only too and Idk what’s going on. Is there anything I’m missing? I think I replaced files correctly i”m not 100% sure. But please help me.

  448. Mythic (27 Apr 2015, 1:18)

    Will soem one explain t me how to download cracked files? and where to get torrent?

  449. Herlambang (28 Apr 2015, 6:13)

    Please reupload FTP link
    I try to download but Item not available

  450. gg (28 Apr 2015, 19:59)

    Looks like it installed PUP software like firefox things that show ads

  451. T (29 Apr 2015, 10:55)

    i’m getting a (win32 blacked) virus warning for the 3dlgame whatever. anyone getting that too? if so, what did you do with it?

  452. William (30 Apr 2015, 2:05)

    Uhm, you do all realise that the cracks, both newer than 2 and older than 6, are posted on different pages on this site, right?

  453. William (30 Apr 2015, 2:13)

    Also, if you want the crack to work, you must remove Microsoft Security Essentials from your machine completely. Regardless of whether or not it’s disabled, it will still intercept, and delete 3dlgame.dll

    For those among the uninformed, 3dlgame.dll is the heart of the crack itself, and it’s located in the .zip file that you’ve all downloaded. If the game isn’t working after having installed the crack, go into add and remove programs located in the control panel and remove MSE completely. Otherwise, this will NOT work.

    For those who have problems downloading the crack on their computers because your web browser is telling you it’s a virus or whatever, I am unaware of how to bypass this. You’ll simply have to download the crack on a mobile device such as a tablet or cell phone. Just transfer the downloaded crack from your mobile device to your PC.

    In the event that your PC may delete the file again, make sure you leave the file in your mobile device so that you don’t have to re-download it. You need only do that until you’re absolutely sure that both the crack and game are working.

  454. slyztercore (01 May 2015, 0:24)

    hello, thanks for your hard work to provide us this great game skidrow. it really means a lot :).
    but can you reupload the one FTP link because the link is dead. i have already installed this game before but then my hardisk dead :(…and it took me 3 whole day to download this game for 120kbs..i already play it like 60% of the game but then my hard disk dead :(..so now i redownload it for almost 70% and then link is dead :(. will you upload new link. i will greatly appreciate it. please skidrow :( :(

  455. jake (01 May 2015, 8:13)

    any chance for the jaws of hakkon dlc and the more recent patches?? thank you for the release! origin is the most intrusive bitch to bypass!

  456. thatrandomguy (03 May 2015, 12:03)

    Hey everyone, been loading that setup thing for bout 4 hours and i’m only at 46%, is this normal? Thanks

  457. ROCKLOUD (03 May 2015, 22:29)

    i play 10 minutos them the game crash to desktop

  458. ROCKLOUD (03 May 2015, 22:30)

    I play 10 minutus them the game chrash to te desktop , please help!

  459. Kitkat (04 May 2015, 22:51)

    Hello my Skidrow and Reloaded Sweeties :) The One FTP link is dead and a renewed link would be awesome. Thank you!

  460. skiload (06 May 2015, 16:25)

    Does anyone know the how Skidrow and his team work on updating a game? Do they have a priority list or do they work on game rotation? or wait until the final official patch and DLC before giving it a final complete package? Just curious. thanks


  461. Niki (06 May 2015, 16:31)

    FTP link doesn’t work :(

  462. Fred (06 May 2015, 20:10)


    I was wondering the same thing. I keep coming back to this website hoping the next update will be out but as always, nothing. It’s been months since the last update and I’m starting to think that they gave up on this game. No new patches nor DLCs have been put up. I dunno. I hope I’m wrong and that they’ll update it.

  463. Herlambang (12 May 2015, 6:29)

    please fix the link
    item is not available

  464. Indra (12 May 2015, 9:04)

    why when i run the application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)?

    help my problem pls, thanks 😀

  465. Zone (13 May 2015, 2:52)

    Wish i could just slap my xbox version in my PC to play it. Since i cant I get torrents they got my money I figure it, now i get my cross platform playability.

  466. irie (14 May 2015, 3:14)

    item not available on ftp wtf

  467. Gino Rua (15 May 2015, 8:00)

    They dropped on it…

  468. Marcus (19 May 2015, 20:00)

    Can you guys please give us Jaws of Hakkon, the DLC of Dragon Age Inquisition

  469. Richard (24 May 2015, 11:56)

    Hello guys!
    I ran as adminatrator (in normal mode origin veryfication needed) and I choosed my class and etc…. then crash to desktop. PLS HELP!! Any idea? or just crack needed? 😀

    ps.: sorry for my terrible english 😀

  470. Richard (25 May 2015, 8:37)

    I solved the problem. I just have to refresh my NVIDIA driver. :)

  471. witcherr (25 May 2015, 9:46)

    why reloaded doesnt bother to remove the drm ? they did it for gta 5. inquisition is not very far behind gta 5 in terms of how good the game is

  472. Hasan mir (26 May 2015, 7:43)

    Is the torrent link and the game listed on this page legit?

    Is it a working copy?

  473. Guardian (26 May 2015, 15:47)

    hi.when i click the one ftp link,it says item not available!
    whats the problem?

  474. Perun (28 May 2015, 16:44)

    Hi bros,

    Any chance for “Jaws of Hakkon” dlc or some newer patch for DA:I ?

    Can’t use any mods for DA:I with this patch :( Spongebob and Patrick started to listen funeral black metal and my cat stopped eating too.. Think of the Children!!! 😉

    Thank you for all of your hard work!! Respect!

    Kind regards,

  475. pedram (29 May 2015, 16:33)

    Hi i think ‘archive.org’ deleted content you already uploaded there can you upload somewhere else like ‘4upld.com’ please

  476. Roen (01 Jun 2015, 18:06)

    Hi. I have a problem.
    When i start the game a window shows up to activate my game. I cracked the game btw. Have anyone an idea to solve my problem? thx

  477. Fred (01 Jun 2015, 18:42)


    Disable your AntiVirus before running the game.

  478. anon (02 Jun 2015, 4:56)

    Guys, I think we all know the ftp link is broken. Just get the torrent instead, it works fine. If you’re worried about anonymity, use a strong VPN with a killswitch.

    Sadly the crack only seems to work on certain builds. I’ve tried this several ways and I still get the activation issue. My MSE is not intercepting anything. If it was I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to copy/paste to replace the files.

    Meanwhile, it’s a bit rude to keep begging for the new stuff. With the new updates and new games, people expect these guys to be vending-machine fast. Cut them some slack.

  479. Skip75 (03 Jun 2015, 12:25)

    Astuce : If someone have cracked DA:O and DA2, and want to play with DA:I he won’t be able to import the saves of the previous games. What he can do, is to connect to Keep and create “manually” the story as he done one the save. Then buy the Game in Origin Store, import the Data Save from Keep, install and launch the game in order to “create” a save for DA:I which include your previous choices. Then you can cancel your purchase in Origin immediately, and keep your save ! And then use it in a cracked version.

  480. Gino Rua (04 Jun 2015, 7:13)

    thankfully the witcher 3 is came out…i’d really loved to play inquisition game complete with jaws of hakkon, but apparently the team completely dropped the project inquisition

  481. Mufflez (12 Jun 2015, 22:37)


    Did you just tell us to use extra effort…? How dare you. Just…. ugh.

    @Gino Rua
    Jaws of Hakkon isn’t THAT special. Gives you a tiny piece of lore, you level higher, better items (you will most likely not even need anyways), 1 new area, and some misc things. So to be honest. That DLC is just a joke. Someone could just as easily mod DA:I with the amount of effort they put into that DLC.

    Does anonymity seriously even matter? Regardless of how safe you are there will always be that one guy that can hack through almost anything. My tip is to just do the bare minimum of protection to keep the script-kittens away. After that, you’re basically clear.

    Disable all anti-virus crap (AVG, mcafee, etc.). Run in administrator. Also make sure it’s allowed on all virus software (exception status). And if that’s still happening lower your UAC. If you’re “not allowed” to lower it, tell your parents they need to grow up. It’s the tech age. They need to get used to it.

    That joke was absolutely terrible. And they’ll release the DLC whenever they feel like it, IF they are even going to. Remember this is for free, so be grateful. Also remember to buy retail version to support the developers. Doesn’t even have to be PC. Just purchase one.

    @all the idiots whining about ftp link
    Deal with it, and just run the torrent you babies. Even an inexperienced hacker can find out who you are. Ignore the anonymity.

    @Anyone who needs basic tips
    – Make sure your pirated games are on the exception list of your anti-virus/malware crud.
    – Run games on administrator.
    – Make sure to follow the directions EXACTLY.
    – Have UAC lowered, but not all the way.
    – Run your virus and malware crud every week to make sure you’re safe.

    If your experiencing Memory at a constant 50% or maybe higher, even when you’re not running something, that means you’re officially someones bot to DDOS. To fix this run AVG and Malwarbytes (forgot how it’s spelt), it should find about… 100-300 infected files of the exact same name, or close to it. Hit quarantine. Then rebuild your system. A lot of work, but it’s not due to just torrents alone. You click an infected email, or an ad. Torrents, direct links, ANYTHING you download, can have a possible virus or trojan that’s not detected initially (most likely a trojan).

  482. Eloisa (13 Jun 2015, 16:13)

    @Mufflez you are totally right….i know jaws of hakkon is not that special…but at least to give us the latest update. No mean to rush people here or give orders, it’s just that inquisition as you are aware is a wonderful game and a loooooot of correction and mods is out but only the latest update con use them. So screw jaws of hakkon i need the update!

  483. siddhant (14 Jun 2015, 16:58)

    CD KEY pleeeeease!!!!

  484. Kentel (15 Jun 2015, 23:19)

    in the installer, do we have to “install additional components” or may we skip this?
    What kind of content it is?
    Have I to download upgrades or the “Repack” link is upgraded and working?
    Thank you.

  485. Perun (22 Jun 2015, 16:47)

    @Mufflez Dear Mr. or sir Mufflez, please read my post, carefully, again. Do you see any imperative (o der), from my side, to Skidrow/ Reloaded team? No. I asked , politely, if there is any chance for JoH or some newer patch for DA:I . So, there is no point in your post. I said thank you for your hard work, so that covers your grateful part. Last, do you know on what webpage you are? If I wanted to buy the game I wouldn’t be here. About joke, I’m not a stand up comedian. Is it terrible? Maybe for some, but it’s a matter of taste. I can post , politely, a question, “leave a reply” is here for that and , of course, “request a game” section of website.

    @Skidrow/Reloaded team Thank you for giving us a chance to play this game, if you catch some time newer patch would be welcome. Thanks again and all the best !

  486. Chavez (28 Jun 2015, 0:38)

    Can i get a patch 5 plz

  487. Aris (29 Jun 2015, 13:37)

    Ftp link DEAD, pls reupload it

  488. TheSquire (01 Jul 2015, 1:57)

    They really should specify that it can only be run by 64 bit

  489. Extremum (12 Jul 2015, 23:35)

    SEEDS PLIS !!!!!!!!

  490. donabod (16 Jul 2015, 8:44)

    im looking for dragon age inquisition 2.5 trainer , any help ?

  491. Arden (17 Jul 2015, 21:43)

    so i launched the game and i get like, a japanese EA/Origin login screen that has “DisplayName field missing from registry” on the top?? that’s the only thing in english. i put in my origin login and it just says “DisplayName field missing from registry” again with some other japanese characters. wtf am i supposed to do about this

  492. Arden (17 Jul 2015, 22:24)

    nevermind i was stupid and had my locale set to japanese
    anyway now that it’s in english i use my origin login then it tells me “unable to connect to EA servers”
    so i still don’t know what to do

  493. Yondaime (18 Jul 2015, 0:43)

    guys plz seed this game :(

  494. gabriel (18 Jul 2015, 16:46)

    This game need the cd key activation from origin to install it like battlefield hardline?

  495. THird (21 Jul 2015, 16:10)

    sooo… because I’m too lazy to read through all 400+ comments on whether the game really works or not. I’ll just gonna ask after many months after the game was posted and some have already downloaded it… Does the game DA:I works?

  496. Gino Rua (22 Jul 2015, 13:34)

    Yes, so far it works. the problem is…the game is no longer followed by the team. in fact, after the fourth update, even if bioware release the sixth or so patch, no other was done here. so, there is yes the game, but without the solution for many bugs and glith, and some dlc. and sincerely i don’t understand why. mufflez says that the jaws of hakkon dlc is not a must, but for some mod and bugs solution the last patch of bioware is necessary (even quest bugs). and i think…if mufflez is still around this tread, than he to is confident in the following update.

  497. dave (30 Jul 2015, 9:31)

    so does anyone know how to fix the character record bug?

  498. Shahab (01 Aug 2015, 15:04)

    please crack DLC Jaws of Hakkon

  499. paff (01 Aug 2015, 21:53)

    this is full with viruses do not download !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  500. Eek2 (02 Aug 2015, 2:58)

    Is anyone else missing the deluxe version items you are supposed to get? I finished the Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts and the chest in the undercroft is supposed to have the item but it isn’t there. Anyone?

  501. Jay (02 Aug 2015, 5:41)

    It seems that Microsoft Security Essentials deleted one of the .dll file from the main game file. But I restored it, does that mean I have to redownload the whole game all over again? My game is really choppy and stuttering in the game menu.

  502. Gino Rua (06 Aug 2015, 14:12)

    Another DLC came out. ,,,

  503. rubens (06 Aug 2015, 17:01)

    funcionou!!!!!!!!!!!!muito bom. entre muitos só aqui funcionou bem.

  504. Hugo (10 Aug 2015, 22:57)

    This version 25GB deluxe version work?
    Because the repack version didnt work for me in anyway…

  505. Foxoverload (11 Aug 2015, 17:30)

    Another DLC has come out, but we can’t do shit, it’s fucking 3DM that should release the new crack and DLC, they made all that bullshit about having the fucking first crack and now they don’t give a shit about the game. I expect that we have a fucking choice instead of needing to buy the original game.

  506. NarutoFan (12 Aug 2015, 13:44)


    You sound like such a self-entitled prick. If you like the game so much. Why not just buy it? It’s only 60 bucks now.

  507. Kyle (13 Aug 2015, 6:33)


    Holy fuck I want to find you and end you.

  508. John MCField (16 Aug 2015, 13:46)

    Please DLCSS and patches

  509. Gino Rua (16 Aug 2015, 16:14)


    Yu say so, but for what I see, also you still here per new update for the game. Sooo, why don’t buy the game too?

  510. Mushroom (16 Aug 2015, 16:57)


    So I’m not good with computers and it took me ages and ages to get this game working. Someone said it worked with windows 8.1 but I had updated to 10 already and didn’t feel like going back.

    The point is I think windows 10 + any antivirus you have is tampering with the files.

    What worked for me was, installing the game with antivirus shut off and then running the game with anitvirus shut off, it should remain off whilst in game. So anytime you play, have it off. It worked for me. I tried putting it on once when I started the game and the origin started popping up, having it off works perfectly everytime.

    I hope this helps anyone lol.

  511. Dylan (16 Aug 2015, 18:38)

    my game keeps lagging in the cutscenes

  512. NarutoFan (17 Aug 2015, 1:11)

    @Gino Rua

    I don’t see your point. I asked nicely when I commented here. That guy asked like an asshole.
    Your comment is useless and makes no sense. Go back an slowly read what I wrote.

  513. Mazuka (17 Aug 2015, 18:09)

    Quick question: Is the team still working on inquisition or have they dropped it??

    Thanks in advance.

  514. NarutoFan (17 Aug 2015, 21:46)

    @ Mazuika

    Well, seeing as how the last update was in February and two DLCs already came out and haven’t been cracked, I would say yes. The team has probably dropped the project. I heard it’s because the patches can’t be cracked.

  515. Mazuka (18 Aug 2015, 13:30)

    @ NarutoFan

    Probably, but the game was also said to be ‘Un-crackable’.

    It’s also possible that they will crack them eventually like Lords of the fallen or maybe another team will

    take over…. I guess all we can do is wait we are getting it for free after all.

  516. NarutoFan (18 Aug 2015, 21:50)

    ” Mazuka

    Exactly. I really hope they crack the newest patches. The game is playable but there are so many bugs. My biggest annoyance is that the NPC keep disappearing and popping in all the time.

  517. Foxoverload (19 Aug 2015, 9:19)

    @NarutoFan Because where i live it dosen’t cost 60 bucks, it costs something like 3 times this price. And just keep getting expensive, so, I rather get a pirated copy than paying that absurd price.

  518. PotatoKillingTime (20 Aug 2015, 5:53)

    Actually it would be nice if skidrow inform us whether they still work on a crack for dlc or not, at least its better to know the truth rather than hoping for something that is uncertain

  519. NarutoFan (20 Aug 2015, 10:46)


    I agree to that, yes. I’m actually surprised that they haven’t done it so far. A quick comment here or on facebook is all that is necessary. Really sad. The last update (2.5) came out on the 1st of February and after that, nothing. I hope we get something soon.

  520. Mazuka (20 Aug 2015, 12:52)


    Yeah, I was actually hoping that skidrow would reply but they might be in the dark too.

  521. Mazuka (22 Aug 2015, 20:50)

    One thing I noticed though was that the game is still in the exculisive games tab on the home page just like lords of the fallen was, so…….. possibly still working on it

  522. NarutoFan (24 Aug 2015, 10:24)


    I hope so but it’s been 7 months since the last update. I’m skeptical.

  523. NarutoFan (28 Aug 2015, 14:39)

    Scratch that, thanks!

  524. amrwael (02 Sep 2015, 20:52)

    download the game from ocean of games it works for me try this ii 17gb

  525. Anon (17 Sep 2015, 14:23)

    The game recently got Trespasser, deemed the final chapter. I’m guessing they want to wait until everything is totally finalized with DAI before doing anything. Isn’t it annoying to patch when yet a new thing pops up from the devs and could screw with the patch?

  526. stenio (18 Sep 2015, 2:47)

    muito bom
    e de frango
    vs foi minha janta
    vlw, flw, tchau

  527. Gino Rua (24 Sep 2015, 15:56)

    Guys, the Goty edition come out on 6th october. let’s see.

  528. anon (29 Sep 2015, 3:17)

    Ocean of Games basically uses this site’s files. All they do is reupload. Just stick to this place.

  529. Filipe07 (15 Oct 2015, 5:38)

    Pleas, problem dll – qtgui4.dll, help me!!!

  530. Gorogrin (18 Oct 2015, 18:58)

    Error StormGlow T_T HELP ME

  531. mniceguy (03 Nov 2015, 17:08)

    u should also know guys that in a lot of coutrys like mine credit cards and online payment dosnt exist yet so we have only one way to go to and its pirated game , i would like to buy a game so i can help it progress but thats how life

  532. RAMON (16 Sep 2016, 13:49)


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